Posted on Sep 18, 2023

Door at daycareFORNEY, TX – Kaufman County Parents Karla Calderon Estrada and Paul Andrew Estrada, who are being represented by The Button Law Firm, have filed a lawsuit against Boardwalk Private Preschool Forney after their young daughter suffered a serious injury to her finger.

What Happened at This Kaufman County Daycare?

In October 2022, the little girl was dropped off at daycare by her parents, who trusted she would be safe. However, the caregivers at Boardwalk Private Preschool failed to supervise the children, including Mr. and Mrs. Estrada’s daughter. She went into a bathroom with other children, completely unsupervised.

As the children were playing, the door to the bathroom shut on the girl’s hand and fingers, causing her to suffer serious and painful injuries.

Even after this happened, the caregivers at the preschool didn’t seek immediate medical attention for the young child. Instead, the daycare called the child’s parents to notify them that their daughter suffered from a “small cut” on her finger. However, when the parents arrived at the daycare, they saw her finger was severely injured and was still bleeding.
That’s when they rushed her to the emergency room. When she got to the hospital, the child underwent surgery and was placed in a cast.

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What Went Wrong at Boardwalk Private Preschool?

Multiple violations of the state’s minimum standards led to the serious injury this child suffered – plus the additional lack of medical care she received.

First was the blatant lack of supervision. Caregivers are required by state regulations to properly monitor the children in their care. It was obvious that they failed to do this before this child’s finger injury.

Second, after the injury happened, the preschool’s caregivers didn’t take the proper steps to get help for the little girl. According to the state’s minimum standards, caregivers must seek emergency medical help. Instead, the caregivers downplayed the severity of the incident and simply called the parents to let them know of an incident – but made the injury seem minor. The staff in charge of caring for this child were not properly trained in handling serious emergencies.

How The Button Law Firm is Helping This Texas Family Move Forward After Their Daughter’s Finger Injury

Dealing with this severe and traumatic injury was and continues to be very difficult for this Texas family. The young child went through a serious traumatic event and faced a painful and preventable injury.

Additionally, it was heartbreaking for the parents of the young girl to see that the daycare they trusted to keep their child safe during the day carelessly allowed their daughter to suffer.

The Button Law Firm is helping this family by filing a lawsuit against the reckless daycare that let this happen. With this lawsuit, The Button Law Firm is working to get this child recovery for her injuries and help her find closure from living through such a traumatic incident.

How to Contact The Button Law Firm After Your Child Has Suffered a Serious Daycare Injury  

The team at The Button Law Firm is experienced in helping families move forward after their child has suffered from a serious injury at daycare.

If you’re looking for answers on the next steps to take after your child’s injury, be sure to contact our team at The Button Law Firm. You can reach out to us by calling (214) 699-4409 or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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