Posted on May 22, 2023

Chair tipped over near children's toys DALLAS – The Button Law Firm is representing a Texas family in a lawsuit against Eastridge Academy after an employee used corporal punishment on the family’s young daughter. According to the lawsuit, the six-year-old child sustained a serious head injury after she was purposely pushed off a chair by her caregiver.

After the child’s mother found out about the abuse that led to this injury, she reported the incident to the state – including the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Childcare Licensing Division and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. After these agencies investigated the daycare, they confirmed the allegations made by the child’s mother were accurate. Astonishingly, the daycare allowed the caregiver to continue working there after the incident happened, potentially putting more kids at risk of being abused.

When asked about the lawsuit, the family’s Attorney, Russell Button, stated, “The safety and protection of children at any daycare should be the upmost priority. Eastridge Academy failed this young girl, and the abuse she experienced is deeply troubling.”

By bringing this lawsuit against the daycare, the child’s mother, April Wallace, is hoping to make sure the daycare is held accountable for causing harm to her daughter as well as preventing other children from being put at risk of further injury.

To read the entire complaint, click here.

What Went Wrong at This Dallas, TX Daycare?

In the daycare’s marketing, they claimed to be “committed to the safety and security of our children.” However, the actions of the daycare did not show this. Some of the regulations the daycare failed to follow included not following strict hiring, training, and supervision practices as well as ignoring protocols required by the state to report incidents.

This negligence was unfortunately a pattern with this daycare. Three years leading up to the incident, Eastridge Academy of Dallas, Texas had received 10 citations for not keeping the environment safe for children. Some of the deficiencies included failing to qualify, train, and supervise daycare employees, as well as neglecting to properly care for children.

How The Button Law Firm Holds Negligent Daycares in Texas Accountable

Daycares, like Eastridge Academy, that fail to follow safety regulations put in place by the state pose serious risk to children. Their irresponsible attitude toward the safety of the kids in their care can cause lasting harm.

The daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm hold daycares, like Eastridge Academy, accountable for these incidents by making sure they understand the extent of the damages they caused to this child and her family. Additionally, by holding this daycare accountable, the family who has suffered is able to get the tools they need to move forward.

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