Posted on Jun 25, 2024

Child sitting alone in carSYRACUSE, New York— has featured a legal dispute unfolding in Wichita Falls, Texas. Parents Erick and Alexis Gardea have filed a lawsuit against Tadpole Children's Academy following an incident involving their 5-year-old son. The article sheds light on the parents’ efforts to address the daycare facility's negligence.

Details About This Texas Lawsuit

The lawsuit, filed by The Button Law Firm, stems from an incident in September 2023 when the Gardeas' 5-year-old son was left unattended inside a daycare van. According to the complaint, the child fell asleep during transport from school to the daycare center and was not accounted for upon arrival. He subsequently exited the van alone and sought help from a passerby in a nearby parking garage.

“The fact that our son was left without anyone at Tadpole Children's Academy noticing, and then was able to get out of the daycare van on his own and be found by a stranger is terrifying," says Alexis Gardea, the child’s mother. "Tadpole Children's Academy failed us and our child. He could have been kidnapped."

According to the article, the lawsuit says that Tadpole Children's Academy of failing to follow required safety procedures and failing to promptly notify the Gardeas of the incident. The coverage by has highlighted the family's legal journey and the broader implications for childcare safety and regulatory compliance.

How The Button Law Firm Is Helping This Texas Family

Russell Button, a daycare injury attorney at The Button Law Firm, emphasized the firm's commitment to child safety and accountability within childcare settings. "What happened to our clients' son at Tadpole Children's Academy was a clear case of daycare negligence and, sadly, was not an isolated incident. We are committed to reinforcing the importance of child safety and ensuring no other child has a traumatic experience at this facility."

The lawsuit, titled Erick Gardea and Alexis Gardea, Individually and as next friends of M.G., a minor child, vs. Tadpole Children's Academy Daycare and Chelsee Thomas, is currently ongoing in Wichita County, Texas. The Gardeas' determination to seek justice, supported by The Button Law Firm in legal representation, reflects their advocacy for improved childcare standards and accountability.

About The Button Law Firm

Based in Texas, The Button Law Firm is experienced in advocating for families and children in cases involving personal injury, particularly those related to daycare and childcare facilities. With offices in Dallas, Houston, and Midland, the firm aims to promote safer communities through legal advocacy.

For more information about our team at The Button Law Firm and our commitment to protecting children's rights, visit's coverage of this legal matter serves as an important update on significant developments in Wichita Falls, highlighting the importance of childcare safety and legal accountability within the community. As the Gardeas continue their pursuit of justice, their case highlights ongoing concerns regarding childcare supervision and safety protocols.

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