Posted on Jun 19, 2024

Child cryingDALLAS, Texas - WFAA (ABC Channel 8 Dallas) has highlighted a lawsuit that details an incident involving sexual abuse at By the Barnyard Gate daycare in Sachse, Texas. The news outlet's coverage includes an in-depth interview with Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, who represents the victim’s family.

What Happened at This Texas Daycare

The feature from WFAA shares that the case came to light when the mother of a 4-year-old boy reported to Sachse Police that a daycare worker had sexually abused her son. This report was made on January 6, 2023, and led to the arrest of 19-year-old Efrain Jesus Bonilla. Bonilla faces one charge of indecency with a child, a case that remains pending as he is out on bond. The family's lawsuit, filed on June 10, 2024, seeks damages for pain and suffering.

How The Button Law Firm is Helping This North Texas Family

Russell Button has been at the forefront of this legal battle, advocating fiercely for the young victim and his family. In his interview with WFAA, Button provided details of the incident, which was captured on surveillance video.

"This caregiver comes over, blocks the camera view from looking at what's going on with his hands, warms up his hands, positions the child, sticks his hand down into his private areas and grabs his privates," Button explained to WFAA, highlighting the gravity of the abuse and the deliberate actions taken by the accused to conceal his misconduct.

The Daycare’s Failure to Report the Incident

Button also criticized the daycare for their handling of the situation, stating that they failed to report the incident to the state as required. The child’s mother had to self-report to Texas Health and Human Services and notify the police herself. This lapse led to the daycare being cited by the state for not reporting the incident.

Texas Health and Human Services confirmed that an investigation conducted by the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) determined that a child had indeed been abused while in the care of By the Barnyard Gate.

Legal and Community Implications

This case has significant implications not only for the family involved but also for the broader community. In his interview, Button stressed the importance of vigilance among parents and the need for accountability in childcare facilities.

"So that way where there's a bad daycare and if they are bad and dangerous caregivers, they get held accountable," said Button.

WFAA shared that he urged parents to perform due diligence when selecting daycare providers, emphasizing the availability of online resources to check for violations and ensure the safety of their children.

The Button Law Firm’s Commitment

The Button Law Firm is dedicated to supporting the families affected by such devastating incidents and ensuring justice is served. This high-profile case, featured prominently by WFAA, highlights our firm’s commitment to advocating for victims' rights and holding negligent parties accountable.

For more information on how The Button Law Firm can assist with cases involving daycare abuse or other personal injury matters involving children, please visit our website or contact our office directly.

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