What Parents Need to Know About Changing Table Falls at Daycare

Childcare requires an enormous amount of attention to detail, and the use of changing tables for infants and toddlers is a very necessary part of their care. We all know how easy it is for a child to fall off a changing table when their caregiver isn't paying attention. It could be a moment's glance at a cell phone or turning around to get something without securing the child.

When babies are at daycare, and they have to be taken care of on changing tables, we expect the caregivers to be distraction-free, and to properly secure the child so they don't fall off. But when some daycare workers cut corners and ignore the rules, babies end up getting seriously hurt because changing tables are so high off the ground.

For example, we've seen cases where babies fall off of changing tables and have:

  • a traumatic brain injury
  • broken bones
  • facial fractures
  • loss of eyesight

Since babies are undeveloped, this could affect all aspects of their growth for the rest of their life. To prevent this, daycare workers should never take their eye off the baby, even if just for a second, and properly secure the child so they don't fall off of changing tables.

What to Do If Your Child Was Hurt From a Daycare Changing Table Fall

If your child was hurt from a changing table fall at daycare, reach out to us. Changing table falls are completely preventable. We hold daycares accountable for their actions to ensure that it doesn't happen to future children and to get justice for the children that had to experience this trauma.

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