Changing table falls can cause severe injury.Changing tables make it easier for daycare workers to provide diaper changes and otherwise attend to the needs of babies. Unfortunately, this common piece of furniture can be a danger for infants. If a daycare worker turns his or her back for even a quick moment, a child can fall off a changing table and suffer serious injuries.

It is reasonable to have changing tables at daycare centers, but daycare workers must follow strict guidelines to avoid falls because of negligence or inattention.

How Changing Table Accidents Occur

Changing table accidents usually happen in the short amount of time it takes to turn away from the baby to grab a diaper or wipe.

Many changing tables have compartments or shelving for wipes, diapers, and other supplies that are needed when changing babies so adults do not have to step away from the table and leave the infant unattended. If another child needs attention while the daycare worker is changing the baby, it is best to wait until the diaper change is complete and the baby is put in a safe location. If an emergency arises, the baby should be placed in a safe location before the adult steps away from the changing table. A lack of supervision puts children at risk.

If changing tables are not kept well-supplied, this could result in a worker stepping away from the changing table and leaving the baby unattended.

In addition to keeping changing tables supplied with needed items, daycare owners also need to hold employees accountable for following protocol and procedures. This can be done by installing video cameras and physically checking on workers.

Parents should also request to view changing tables and protocols set for workers before deciding on a daycare center for their infant.

Injuries That Can Result Because of Changing Table Accidents

Whether it’s from a changing table or other elevated surface, the following injuries can occur:

  • Fractures. Broken bones as a result of falls are common among infants and toddlers, particularly when falling from an elevated surface. The most common fracture is the clavicle, as well as the elbow, wrist, legs, and fingers.
  • Head injuries. Signs of a concussion can include crankiness that is beyond the norm, vomiting, slurred speech (in children old enough to speak), slowed pulse, or any seizure-type activity. 
  • Eye injuries. If the child has a bloody nose along with a black eye or bleeding within the whites of the eye, or if the child has difficulty moving his or her eyes, there might be significant trauma to the eye.
  • Mouth or tooth injuries. If a baby tooth is knocked out after a fall, it’s likely not an emergency. However, it’s a good idea to have a dentist examine the child within 24 hours to ensure there isn’t an underlying injury.

Because not all symptoms present immediately, it’s crucial to monitor your child closely for 24 hours after the fall.

Why You Need a Lawyer After Your Child Is Injured in a Changing Table Accident

If your child suffered a fall from the changing table at daycare because a worker left him or her unattended, our daycare injury lawyers will fight to make sure that your family recovers fair damages. These damages could include compensation for:

  • Your child’s medical bills 
  • Your child’s physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Your child’s temporary or permanent disfigurement
  • Your lost income while you took off work to care for your child
  • Other expenses incurred as a result of your child’s injuries

Falls from changing tables are just one type of serious daycare injury. If your child has suffered because of the negligence of a daycare worker, please contact us right away for an initial legal consultation. You can call us any time or fill out our online contact form so we can get back to you.