Corporate-Run Daycares in Texas 

We understand that one of the most difficult decisions that a parent can make is choosing the right daycare for their child.

How do you know that the daycare you chose for your child is the best fit? How can you ensure the caregivers will be kind to your children, but also be providing them with proper care? And how do you know if the daycare will take care of your kids the way you would? These are challenging questions to answer. But what we do want to warn parents about is corporate childcare. By this we mean a company that operates many daycares around the country, they often advertise themselves as the easier choice with having national recognition and a great website. But don't let this trick you, they can still be very dangerous. The danger often appears in the form of poor management.

The bigger the company gets, the more staff they hire, and the more problems seem to arise. But what we must remember is that if corners are cut, the kids are the ones that are going to be suffering the consequences.

Questions we asked parents when they consider a corporate-run daycare are: Do you feel this company is looking out for the best interest of your child? And will this company treat your child the way you would? The answer is often, "I'm not sure," and sometimes it's even "no." a large company is usually looking out for itself, doing what it can to save money and increase profits. We've seen this happen time and time again. In fact, we've had several cases where we've represented families of children who were hurt in a corporate-run daycare, and one thing continued to be consistent. Management wasn't present enough, and the children just seemed to be treated as income for the company.

If your child was hurt in a daycare like this, contact us.

We hold these corporate run child care facilities accountable, and help your family get the care and closure they need to move past this

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