There have been huge efforts to educate Texas daycares and caregivers about properly securing furniture to the wall. Parents are well aware of the dangers of furniture tip-overs and now most states have laws in place to prevent this from happening. At daycare, tip-overs happen when there's a weight pulling down the top of a piece of furniture like a dresser, bookshelf, or, cubby. Sadly when kids are out there exploring, they climb furniture without knowing that it can hurt them. Now that's why it's up to the daycare to properly secure furniture to the wall and closely monitor kids. Unfortunately, there are still daycares across Dallas and the Houston Metro area that ignore these warnings and don't secure furniture to the walls. These daycare operators don't truly understand the dangers and they choose not to spend the extra time and effort necessary to make sure the daycare is safe for children.

This is a common theme we see with badly operated daycares. Heavy furniture falling on children can cause devastating injuries and possibly death. Some examples of serious injuries we've seen that aren't always visible to the eye can be:

These incidents are completely preventable and should never happen. Daycares are responsible for protecting the kids in their care and that means taking every step possible to keep the space safe. If your child was injured because their daycare didn't ensure the furniture was secured to the wall, it's important that you hold the daycare accountable. Contact our Dallas daycare injury lawyer to hold the daycare responsible for cutting corners and to ensure that this kind of injury never happens to another child.

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