Why Kids Get Injured So Easily

Because kids are still developing their bones, muscles and brains have more potential for serious injury when involved in a traumatic event. Kids will be kids -  they're curious, active, and underestimate the danger of their surroundings.

Which is why every precaution necessary to keep children safe should be taken. Every parent has heard the phrase accidents happen. The reality is most injuries are not caused by mere accidents. Sadly, we see children get seriously injured in situations that were 100% preventable.

What Are Serious Injuries to Children Caused by?

As child injury attorneys, we've seen preventable injuries caused by:

  • abusive or negligent caregivers in a daycare,
  • daycare facilities that aren't properly maintained,
  • family event centers with dangerous equipment and rides,
  • car, bike, and pedestrian crashes caused by reckless drivers
  • and apartment complexes and hotels that haven't put safety precautions in place to prevent serious injuries to kids.

Kids are more susceptible to suffering life-altering injuries because they have thinner skin, and injuries that break the skin can be more severe. Kids also lose fluid much faster than adults. So, things like blood loss and dehydration can be catastrophic if not treated quickly enough.

Children don't understand how everyday objects can seriously hurt them. Their bones, organs, brains, skulls, and nervous systems aren't fully developed yet. So, something that wouldn't hurt an adult can cause serious damage to a young child.

As child advocates, we make sure that when a child is injured in a preventable incident, the adults and organizations in charge are held accountable.

What to Do If Your Child Has Been Seriously Injured

It's important that wrongs are made right, and the children and families get the recovery they need to get back on track with their lives. If your child has suffered a serious injury due to another person's negligence or recklessness, contact us. Our team is here to help you and your family keep moving forward during this challenging time.

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