Who is Responsible for Dog Bites?

Surprisingly, serious injuries from dog attacks happen a lot more frequently than anyone would imagine. We know it can be difficult to know what to do after being attacked by a dog. So, we created this video to let you know your options after being attacked by a dog.

In Texas, a dog owner can be held accountable for injuries and damages suffered in a dog attack. Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs from biting and attacking people. This can mean ensuring their yard is properly fenced or keeping their dog on a leash when taking them for a walk. And if they know their dog has aggressive tendencies, the dog owner is responsible for handling the dog carefully to prevent it from attacking people.

Serious Injuries That Can Happen From Dog Attacks

Common injuries that can happen from dog bites or attacks include:

  • Loss of limbs
  • Nerve Damage
  • Head and neck injuries
  • And severe scarring

If you were injured during a dog attack, you have rights, and you may be entitled to recover for your damages.

Steps to Take After Being Attacked by a Dog in Texas

In order to start your recovery process, you would need to file a civil claim. Depending on the situation, the civil claim you pursue may be against the dog’s owner, property manager, or anyone else who was responsible for preventing a dangerous dog from attacking others. And the one thing that applies across the board - dog attacks can be prevented.

To learn more about what steps to take next, be sure to contact our dog attack injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm. Our team has handled many dog attack cases and has the experience to help you continue moving forward.

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