State Fairs and Carnivals 

State fairs and carnivals - they're a great way to spend time together as a family or with friends. You can play games, go on rides, and eat some delicious foods.

But did you know the way these rides are set up are lurking with danger?

Let me explain.

The Three Main Dangers at Texas State Fairs and Carnivals 

Well, first, the temporary nature of these rides makes them more dangerous than your average amusement park. When these state fair rides come to town, they're set up and broken down quickly, usually only staying up for about a month. Since these rides are not permanently reinforced into the ground like a traditional amusement park, it can make the rides unstable.

Second, they need constant maintenance and inspections to ensure they're safe. When regular maintenance is ignored, it can put innocent people at risk of serious injury.

Plus, safety rules must be enforced by trained staff to ensure riders meet requirements.

And finally, many times, the staff operating the rides aren't qualified, trained, or supervised. The staff's lack of knowledge and experience can pose dangers to visitors and riders. For example, ride operators who are untrained may allow a young child who is too small to get on a ride meant for older kids and adults.

Other common things that can cause injuries at carnivals and state fairs are:

  • exposed wires that cause electrocution,
  • unmaintained and malfunctioning rides causing brain injuries or spinal cord injuries by being jolted around too quickly,
  • inexperienced ride operators putting too many kids on one ride or making a ride go too fast

What to Do If You Were Seriously Injured on a State Fair Ride

If you know someone who was seriously injured at a state fair or carnival, be sure to reach out to our team. We're dedicated to helping people keep moving forward after they've suffered catastrophic injuries.