Allergic Reactions at Daycare

One of the scariest moments for parents is seeing their child suffer from a severe allergic reaction. Parents of children who have severe allergies to food need to trust that their child’s daycare is prepared for a food allergy emergency. So, as a parent of a child with allergies, how do you know that your child’s daycare is taking the proper steps to prevent those reactions?


Food Allergy Emergency Plans at Texas Daycares

The state of Texas has minimum standards for all daycares to have an official Food Allergy Emergency Plan for children.  But what exactly is a food allergy emergency plan? And how are daycares supposed to implement them to keep children with allergies safe?

According to the state’s minimum standards, outlined by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, “a food allergy emergency plan is an individualized plan prepared by the child’s health care professional that includes:

  1. A list of each food the child is allergic to,
  2. Possible Symptoms if exposed to a food on the list and
  3. The steps to take if the child has an allergic reaction”

Both the child’s health care professional and parent must sign and date the plan, and the daycare is required to keep a copy of the emergency allergy plan in the child’s file. Daycares are required to follow the plan and post the child’s allergies in the classroom as an extra precautionary step. In case a child is exposed to an allergen, the allergy emergency plan will provide the daycare with instructions on how to prevent a serious injury or death.

Additional Information About Daycare Allergic Reactions

Unfortunately, allergic reactions in children who attend daycare still happen far too often. The sad part is that these incidents are completely preventable. It’s important that the daycare and their employees are properly trained and that paperwork is accurately maintained so that children are kept safe from life-threatening incidents. If you want to learn more about additional steps daycares can take to keep kids safe, be sure to download our free guide, 10 Tips for Finding a Safe Daycare. It’s linked below.

Learn More About Contacting The Button Law Firm After Your Child Suffers from an Allergic Reaction at Daycare

And if you have a child who has suffered an allergic reaction at daycare, it’s important to get them help. Be sure to seek medical attention immediately, report the incident to the state, and contact our daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm to get answers to your questions. We’re here to keep you and your family moving forward.

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