Pursuing a Claim Against an Abusive or Negligent Daycare in Texas

For families, the aftermath of a child being injured at daycare is stressful. First, you’re concerned with your child’s well-being, whether that’s making sure they receive the proper medical attention for their injury or therapy for the emotional trauma they suffered.

So, it's not surprising that one of the most common questions we get asked by parents is, “how involved will my child be in our case against the daycare?" 

How Involved Will My Child be in the Case Against the Daycare?

Your child has been through enough, and you don’t want to subject them to any more trauma by making them relive the moments in which they were abused or neglected. As child advocates, we have experience working with families and kids who are battling the aftermath of a life-changing injury at daycare.

We understand how important it is that kids who suffered abuse or neglect begin to put the past behind them and work towards a better future.

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Our primary concern is that kids get better –that means ensuring they have the right resources to move on from a traumatic incident.

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