As you know if you’ve ever met The Button Law Firm team, it’s a group of hard-working rockstars. It’s important to balance that hard work with play. This summer, Dallas Daycare Ashley (second from left) with husband Calvin and friends Injury Attorney Ashley Washington did just that. She and her husband met up with their good friends and road-tripped to Seaside, Florida to celebrate their friends’ 10-year wedding anniversary.

Of course, even on vacation, this Daycare Injury Attorney is always looking for opportunities to learn, and she found plenty on this trip. Ashley and her friends wound up at a local shop where she discovered a book of essays about Seaside called “Views of Seaside: Commentaries and Observations on a City of Ideas.

“My best friend, Elizabeth, saw how much I LOVED this book and snuck around to buy me a copy as a surprise gift while I sat there in a trance flipping through it. I spent the whole five-hour drive from Seaside to Baton Rouge reading it,” Ashley says. “I always knew Seaside was special, but I never knew the story of HOW the city was thought up and all the intention behind the creation of this amazing little town.”

Here are just a few of the fun facts Ashley learned.

5 Fun Facts About Seaside, Florida

  1. Prince Charles is obsessed with Seaside. It inspired his development of Poundbury, England.
  2. Seaside architects have to use exterior materials invented before World War II when building houses.
  3. Seaside is designed so that when wind blows through the city, it filters to all of the homes and keeps their porches cool. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?
  4. “The Truman Show” was filmed in Seaside, but because the town was under construction, buildings had to be CGI’d in!
  5. The grassy park in the middle of Seaside is designed to catch and drain the whole city when it rains, keeping the streets dry.

Want to learn more about Seaside? Just ask Ashley the next time you contact us or visit our firm! She has many fun facts that she’d love to share.

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