Every Parent’s NightmareParent and baby playing with baby toy together.

On August 7th, 2017, a hard-working Texas mother left her baby in the hands of an at-home daycare in Fort Worth. The single mother worked late nights in the food industry, and even with help from friends and family, she needed additional care for her son while she worked. After she put an ad out for a caregiver, the Fort Worth at-home daycare provider responded.

The mother interviewed the caregiver for an hour and visited the caregiver’s home, out of which the daycare was operated. The caregiver reassured the mother that her son would be in good hands and that she was only caring for one other child.

Placing her child in the caregiver’s hands that August day, the mother felt confident he would be cared for.

Just hours later, though, her baby was pronounced dead, after it was discovered that he was placed in his car seat and put in a closet in the caregiver’s home. The caregiver did not properly buckle him into his car seat. During the day, he had slipped down in his car seat, causing him to suffocate, according to police. At the time of his death, the at-home daycare provider had been caring for at least ten other children.

Are At-Home Daycares Safe?

For hard-working parents like this Texas mother, finding a daycare provider is a necessity.

Texas law imposes very few regulations and standards on at-home daycare facilities, making it hard to know whether caregivers are following the law. While at-home daycares may sometimes be safe options, it’s paramount that they adhere to state regulations. In the case of the aforementioned Fort Worth provider, the at-home daycare had not been properly recognized in Texas as an at-home childcare facility and had exceeded the child-to-caregiver ratio. 

The Importance of Using a Licensed Daycare in Texas

If you have a child in an at-home daycare or are planning to leave your child at an at-home daycare, make sure the daycare is licensed by the State of Texas. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services keeps records of all licensed daycares and at-home childcare facilities. You can check to make sure your child's daycare is licensed by clicking here.

To learn more about choosing a daycare for your child, click here

What to Do If You Suspect Your Child's Daycare Isn’t Adhering to Standards

If you see abuse, neglect, or other behavior you suspect does not adhere to state regulations, report it to state agencies immediately. You can also check out our free guide for parents on what to do after a daycare injury. If you’re not sure where to turn or how to make a report, reach out to us. We will be able to guide you. 

Even when parents take all precautions and do their research, unfit daycare providers still slip through the cracks. Know it is not your fault if your child has been injured at daycare.

Holding Texas Daycares Accountable for Unsafe Practices

As a community, we have to work together to stop young children from being harmed by these unqualified daycare providers. The Button Law Firm is committed to holding negligent daycare providers accountable. 

We feel for every parent who has experienced the nightmare of finding out their child has been seriously injured or killed at daycare. If your child has been injured and you suspect negligence at a Texas daycare, give us a call at 214-699-4409. You can also fill out our Contact Us form. We are here to help you through the process every step of the way.

By taking the brave step to share your story, we can hold negligent daycares responsible and ensure this never happens again to your child or another family.

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