Are At-Home Daycares Safer for Our Children?

Hard working parents feel better about leaving their kid with a friend, or a friend of a friend, who runs a daycare business from home but is that always the safest option? The answer is no. Many times, at-home daycares are not licensed by the State of Texas nor are the caregivers certified to give the proper care to the child if an emergency arises.

At-home daycares do not have the proper setting for a child to roam free and play because at the end of the day it is someone’s’ home, they are going to want to furnish their home with pictures and art on the wall that can easily fall and hurt a child. Not to mention furniture in the house was probably brought long before the idea of taking care of kids came to mind.

Most of the times these at-home daycares will not have security cameras installed because they are in the privacy of their own home and if an accident occurs, you will never get the answers you are looking for because there is no recording of the incident. You also won’t be able to read reviews or check if they have any citations against them because they are not licensed or regularly being inspected by the State of Texas.

What Happened Here?

The mother of a now deceased baby entrusted an at-home daycare facility in Fort Worth with the life of her precious eight-month-old son. She was a single parent who had to work night shifts. The mother interviewed the woman who would be taking care of her son at the woman’s house. The mom was told that her son and one other kid would be under her care.

She dropped her son off at the caregiver’s house on August 7th at 4:15pm. She had brought in the baby's car seat inside the house, took the baby out of the car seat and handed him over to the caregiver. 

The baby died by accidental strangulation when his caregiver put him in his car seat and then placed him in a walk-in closet. The safety belt on the car seat causing the baby to not get any air in. This is a terrible way for a baby to die. It all could have been avoided had he received the proper attention by his caregiver. There were 11 children at the house at the time of his death. Making it impossible for the caregiver to focus on a baby and all of their needs.

What Can Be Done About It?

If you have a child who is in an at-home daycare service or are planning to leave your kid at an at-home daycare please check with the caregiver that they are licensed and have proper CPR training. This can be the difference between life and death. Make sure you can trust the person you are leaving your child with. A lot of people take care of children to have extra money in their pocket, not because they care about children. Check out our article on how to choose a daycare.

Want To Learn More About Dangers Of At-Home Daycares?

Follow this link to check if the at-home daycare facility you are currently using is licensed as well as checking any citations it may have. We have to work together to stop the deaths of young children caused by unqualified daycare providers.

Give us a call at 214-888-2216 if your child has been injured in a daycare service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can also fill out our “Contact Us” form and leave your story.


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