Cocaine found in daycare workers bagCocaine Found in 1-Year-Old’s System: A Wake-Up Call for Daycare Safety

OAK CREEK, Wisconsin - In a deeply troubling incident, a daycare worker in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, was charged after cocaine was found in the system of a 1-year-old boy under her care. The worker, Passion Watson, employed at KinderCare, now faces charges of possession of cocaine. This case has raised serious concerns about the safety protocols in daycares and the responsibilities of caregivers.

The incident came to light when the boy’s mother noticed unusual bruises on her son’s body and behavioral changes, including increased agitation and reckless behavior. Medical examinations revealed that the child had ingested cocaine, leading to immediate police involvement. Investigations at KinderCare uncovered cocaine in an unzipped backpack belonging to Watson found in an unlocked closet in the infant room. Watson claimed she only used cocaine socially and had no idea how it ended up in her bag or how the child was exposed to it​.

What Daycares Can Do to Prevent Drugging Incidents

This incident underscores the urgent need for stricter safety measures in daycare facilities to prevent such dangerous exposures and ensure the well-being of children. Here are several steps that should be taken by daycares:

Thorough Background Checks: Daycare centers must conduct comprehensive background checks on all employees, including criminal history and drug testing, to ensure that caregivers do not pose any risk to children.

Regular Inspections: Frequent and unannounced inspections by regulatory bodies can help ensure that daycares comply with safety standards. This includes checking for secure storage of personal belongings and potential hazards.

Strict Access Controls: Bringing substances to daycare facilities is illegal and unacceptable. For personal items that are allowed at daycares, it is imperative that the daycare implements strict access controls to ensure that items are securely stored away from children. Locking all personal items in designated lockers can prevent incidents.

Training and Education: Daycare staff should be regularly trained on safety protocols, emergency procedures, and maintaining a drug-free environment. Education on recognizing signs of abuse or neglect is also crucial.

How The Button Law Firm Takes Action Against Negligent Texas Daycares

When daycares fail to protect children, families can face devastating consequences. The Button Law Firm stands as an advocate for families affected by daycare negligence. We understand the profound impact such incidents have on children and their families and are committed to holding negligent parties accountable.

Our daycare injury attorneys work diligently to ensure that justice is served and that similar incidents are prevented in the future. By pursuing legal action, we aim to bring about changes in daycare policies and practices, ensuring a safer environment for all children. We provide comprehensive legal support, from gathering evidence to representing families in court, to ensure those responsible for such negligence are held accountable.

Reach Out to The Button Law Firm if Your Child Has Been Drugged at Daycare

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