Cristina with familyCelebrating Two Years With BLF 

Our awesome paralegal, Cristina, has already been with BLF for two whole years. If you’re a long-time Hot-Button Issues reader, you’ll probably remember the story of the crazy road trip she and Ashley took from Chicago to Houston when she moved here in 2020. It was a wild ride that involved an early morning wakeup, a sick kiddo, and an even sicker Beagle! Fortunately, the hassle was 100% worth it. Cristina has been killing it here since day one and recently took on even more responsibility. For the last few months, she has been working with Rosie to learn the ropes of litigation and handle the ins-and-outs of settlements for our clients that are minor children.

The rules around settling personal injury cases for kids under 18 are tricky, but Cristina is learning fast. “I didn’t realize that so much goes into it until I actually started working with Rosie on a couple of them. Then I thought, “Wow this is a lot!” Cristina says, laughing. “... It’s pretty rewarding, because before I worked on the cases from start to almost finish. Now when I go through the settlement process for these minor cases, it’s really cool to see it all come together in the end.” Cristina’s favorite part of that work is watching families walk out the door after their settlements with the compensation and justice they deserve.

Overall, she says the best parts of year two have been watching BLF grow and training Jacky, her fellow paralegal who just celebrated one year with the firm. “Jacky has been incredible. She might be the greatest team member I’ve ever met in my life, and I get to work with her on a daily basis!” Cristina says. Outside of the office, not much has changed for Cristina in the last year. She and her husband are looking forward to the day their daughter starts second grade this fall. In the meantime, she’s attending summer camp at a local church and absolutely loving it.

We’re so lucky to have Cristina on our team. If you see her this month, be sure to tell her congratulations!

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