Happy National Puppy Day! 

Every team member at The Button Law Firm shares the same love for our pets. Our dogs mean the world to us and we genuinely view them (and spoil them) as if they were our own children.We all want to share a picture of our dogs and let others know what they mean to us on their special day.

Ms. Chui, dog of Dallas attorney, Russell ButtonMs. Chuie 

Russell: Chuie is pure love. She has been my best friend since we found her the day before I started my 3rd year of law school. She’s fiery but the most loving soul at the same time. Every day when I come home, she is excited to see me and can’t wait to go on a walk. Those walks are as much for her as they are for me. I love her so much and am a better man because of her. Lately with my travel schedule, she has been staying with my parents and keep them active.

Nola and Austin, dogs of Houston attorney, Ashley WashingtonThe H-Town Sisters: Nola and Austin

Ashley: Our two Weimaraners, Nola and Austin, are everything to us. It was difficult to agree on a breed of dog when we got married. I had always had bully breeds like American Bulldogs and my husband always had hunting breeds like Labradors. After months of research we found the Weimaraner and knew right away that we were in love. Nola is a two and a half year old blue Weim named after one of our favorite cities, New Orleans. We loved her so much, we got her a sister. Austin is a year and a half old silver Weim named after another favorite city, Austin, Texas. We are dog people and our pups are our children. Follow them on Instagram at @houstonweims to see all of their adventures!

Zeke, dog of Dallas paralegal, Rosie Melendez

The Mighty Zeke

Rosie: Rosie and her family recently got this handsome little boy, Zeke! The family has been loving the journey of raising a puppy in their new home. The team has all loved hearing the funny stories on how training is coming along. 

Leo, dog of Texas legal team member, GabyThe Happiest Pit, Leo

Gaby: This is my son, Leo. He is a lab/pit mix who is currently a year and 5 months old. I adopted him at 8 weeks and have been in love since. A simple look at my boy’s face makes my whole heart explode. He is extremely athletic and social. He has never met a stranger, all he wants to do is love on people, especially children. It was a scary but wonderful surprise when we found out that he can run up a tree up and reach over six feet in the air. I enjoy challenging him mentally and physically to get all of his puppy energy out. He is an extremely smart dog and understands ten commands in two different languages! Make sure to follow him on instagram: @thehappiestpit 

Ramsay, dog of Texas legal team member, NicoleRamsay, The Sweetheart 

Nicole: Ramsay is my best friend, as the saying goes.  He is two and a half years old and a lab/pointer mix.  He is the first dog I've ever owned by myself.  I got him from a foster and rescue organization just a few weeks before I started my first semester of law school.  He was constantly sick as a puppy, even on the day that I picked him up--he crawled up and fell asleep in my lap, and I took this as a sign we were "meant to be," but really he just had a bad parasite at the time and was exhausted... Regardless, I can't imagine going through law school (and life in general) without him.  Max, his adopted brother, was the last unclaimed puppy in a litter that Brendon's cousin's dogs had last fall.  He is six months old and a lab mix.  He's an annoying little brother to Ramsay, but they love playing together at the dog park and going on walks with us.

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