Meet Elizabeth, BLF’s New Operations Manager!

Elizabeth and husband at supper clubSince May of this year, our firm has undergone a significant transformation, or as some might say, a "glow up." Our onboarding process is now more streamlined, our vendor relationships have strengthened, every operational step is systematized, and our day-to-day functions have never run so smoothly — and the credit goes to Elizabeth Bauman, our exceptional new operations manager!\

How Elizabeth Has Transformed BLF!

Within the short span of five weeks after taking on the role, Elizabeth had already successfully onboarded three new hires and was at the forefront of revamping our human resources and onboarding processes. Initially apprehensive about diving into onboarding so swiftly, Elizabeth found reassurance in her extensive prior experience. "I used to onboard people regularly in my previous position as the office and professional development manager at a large infrastructure solutions firm. I'm quite familiar with navigating the introduction of individuals to a new work environment," she explains. "However, BLF was also a new workplace for me! I was very nervous about getting everything right. Fortunately, Russell and Ashley were incredibly helpful. The entire team has been fantastic. There's a strong collaborative spirit, and everyone genuinely wants each other to succeed."

Elizabeth's skill set aligns perfectly with our organizational needs, and her seamless integration into our culture was facilitated by her pre-existing connection to the team. "Ashley and I met in 2017. She was on her honeymoon in Saint Lucia, and my husband and I were on vacation there," Elizabeth reminisces.

Despite residing in Baton Rouge, LA, Elizabeth and Ashley maintained their connection. When discussions about hiring an operations manager arose, Elizabeth's name surfaced. Now, she and her husband, Kelly, along with their Jack Russell terrier, Daisy, are making the move to Houston to join our team.

"Ashley told me back in 2017 that she was starting with this great new law firm called BLF. Little did I know I would be joining them five years later! The journey has been long to get here, but I’m super excited to finally be part of the team," Elizabeth shares.

We share in her excitement. Russell articulates our sentiment, stating, "Over all these years, we’ve tried and tried and tried to find a really good leader of operations. Now we finally found that person." Meeting Elizabeth, you will likely discover the same admiration we hold for her. We couldn't be happier to welcome her to the BLF family.

Elizabeth’s Exciting Future at BLF

In the coming months, we anticipate continued growth and success under Elizabeth's leadership. With her dynamic approach and proven track record, we are confident that BLF will reach new heights. Elizabeth's commitment to excellence and her ability to foster collaboration make her an invaluable addition to our team. As we look ahead, we are excited about the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on our operations and overall work environment. Welcome aboard, Elizabeth!

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