Attorney Russell Button with Marcus Moore - Jumpstart Founder & Back To School EventCOACH, COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, AND JUMPSTART FOUNDER

Marcus wears many hats: He’s a football coach, life coach, community volunteer, and most recently, the founder of Jumpstart, a youth foundation designed for kids in inner city and rural areas. Marcus says the idea for Jumpstart began 10 years ago, and he’s been researching and volunteering ever since, finding out how to make life better for kids dealing with issue at school or home. The program is launching this year after getting approval from the City of Dallas and the local church, and will run Friday night hoops for kids in the community, in addition to other programming. As Marcus says about the program, “What sets us apart is that, when a kid signs up with us, they are there for life.”

Reflecting on his years working with youth, Marcus says the proudest moments are when kids receive scholarships for football and basketball, and his favorite moments are when kids who have moved on to college give him a call late at night, thanking him for all of the opportunities he has contributed. Though Marcus is happy to share his knowledge about sports and encourage athletic opportunities, he also places a huge emphasis on the value of education. “Doesn’t matter if it’s D1, D2, D3 — it’s all about your education,” Marcus says.

When he’s not working on Jumpstart or volunteering, Marcus takes a break with visits to the lake, walks, poetry, puzzles, riddles (he says he’s not good but enjoys them), and string art (“It takes a lot of patience,” Marcus says). Church is also a big part of his life.

Looking to the future, Marcus sees the program going places. He envisions Jumpstart extending to inner-city areas and suburbs throughout the state of Texas and beyond. “Kids need guidance and need to know that there is a life outside of what they’ve known in their young age,” Marcus says.

We couldn't’t agree more. 

Back To School Event 

JumpStart Back to School event

In August, we provided school supplies for Jumpstart's "Back To School" event. We were able to provide backpacks, pens, folders, paper and notebooks. The event was hosted for his basketball team, football team and the overall members of Jumpstart. 

It felt great knowing we were giving back to our community and can't wait to help in the coming years!

The Button Law Firm, Sports and Education

The Button Law Firm understands the importance of education and values the opportunity of getting an athletic scholarship. Our personal injury attorney, Russell Button, received a full-ride scholarship through his love of basketball. 

Marcus Moore, the President of JumpStart

As soon as we met and heard Marcus's story we knew we needed to feature him in our newsletter and let others know of his wonderful organization. 

We first met Marcus when our Marketing Assistant, Gabriela, took a Lyft with Marcus. During the ride, Marcus informed Gabriela that he did Lyft on the side to be able to provide scholarships for his basketball team to make it to Las Vegas for a tournament and to host a back-to-school event for his mentoring program which would provide school supplies. Moved by his passion when I heard his story, I knew we had to do something to help. Our firm provided backpacks, notebooks, folders, and pens! We love to help our community heroes! We also donated SMU Football tickets to Marcus and his organization!

Thank you, Marcus, for giving us the opportunity to help with your back to school event. We look forward to working with the Jumpstart organization in the coming years!

Check out Marcus's article in our October newsletter!

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