Rena Piper with her family at her law school graduationCelebrating a Milestone

In last month’s newsletter, we shared Rena Piper’s inspiring story about her path through law school and recent graduation. This June marks another significant milestone for Rena, who is celebrating her second anniversary with our team here at BLF. Reflecting on her journey with us reveals a remarkable tale of resilience and transformation, beginning with a challenge that reshaped the direction of her life.

A Client Turned Advocate

Six years ago, Rena walked through our doors not as a team member but as a client grappling with a parent’s worst nightmare — a daycare injury case involving her child. This experience, filled with emotional and legal hurdles, ignited a passion within her that dramatically altered her career path.

Today, Rena is an indispensable team member, bringing a unique perspective as a former client-turned-advocate. Her firsthand experience offers immense value to our clients, providing an authentic empathy and understanding that helps other parents navigate their legal journeys with someone who truly “gets it.”

Balancing Family and Law

Rena’s ability to deeply relate to our clients has made her an invaluable asset to BLF. Becoming an attorney is no small feat, especially for someone balancing the demands of family life with a rigorous academic schedule. As she prepares for the bar exam — essentially locking herself away for a 12-week, full-time study marathon — our firm has ensured she has all the support she needs. This transition involves many responsibilities, from delivering a keynote address at her graduation to managing the transfer of her current duties during her absence, all while preparing for a significant career shift following the bar exam.

Looking Ahead

After the exam, Rena plans to enjoy a well-deserved break with her family at the beach, allowing her to reconnect and rejuvenate before returning to The Button Law Firm, ready to transition into her new role as an attorney in August. Despite the hard work ahead, Rena is eager to apply her new skills to bring closure and peace to more families. She remains deeply grateful for the unwavering support of her family and colleagues at BLF, who have been her steadfast rock through this transformative period.

A Testament to Resilience

Rena’s journey powerfully illustrates how life’s unexpected challenges can lead us to our true potential. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the impact of perseverance and support. Here at BLF, we are incredibly proud to have Rena on our team and look forward to the many ways she will continue to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. Her dedication and passion inspire us all, and we are excited to see her bring her unique perspective and skills to her new role as an attorney.

Honoring Rena’s Impact

As Rena moves forward, her journey reminds us all that sometimes, the most profound changes in our lives come from the challenges we face. We are honored to support Rena in her continued journey and are confident that she will continue to make a significant impact, advocating for justice and helping families find the closure they deserve.

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