Contact a daycare injury attorney to protect your child's rights. Is what happened to your child at daycare a “normal” thing? Could it be that someone didn’t do their job and put your child at risk? 

It’s often hard to know if you should reach out to a daycare injury attorney, but doing so could be critical in protecting both your child and the other children at the facility. Consider a few signs you should act now and not just brush it off as “kids being kids.”

Your Child Is Hurt and You Can’t Get a Straight Answer

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. You may hear statements such as, “You know how kids are” or “The kids were just playing around.” That doesn’t tell you what happened or how it happened. If you’re feeling like you’re missing information and the daycare center is brushing you off, it may be time to speak to a personal injury attorney about your experience. 

Other Children Have Suffered the Same Consequences

Having good communication with other parents using the daycare is a valuable way for you to ensure your child remains safe. Parents should share information about what’s happening and their experiences. It can help to show when something just is not right, and more help is necessary. If you learn that other parents have experienced the same types of incidents, a lack of information, or less-than-supportive staff, it’s time to speak to an attorney.

You Believe a Staff Member’s Abuse or Negligence Led to Your Child’s Injury

It’s not always easy to know the staff members well enough to spot purposefully neglectful behavior. Nevertheless, you may see signs that something just is not right.

  • Your child tells you that the teacher doesn’t help or pay attention.
  • Your surprise visits have had the teacher scrambling to find your child.
  • The children seem afraid of what the teacher says or does.
  • Marks have been left on your child that makes you believe a teacher hurt them.
  • The child communicates specific incidents to you, such as spanking or being hurt. 

You See Notable Changes in Your Child’s Behavior 

Also, look to identify any notable changes in your child that could indicate something is wrong. This may include:

  • Your child starts wetting the bed after not doing so for a long time.
  • Going to daycare is a struggle. They simply don’t want to leave you.
  • A child that loved to be in daycare with friends no longer enjoys time there.
  • Your child is demonstrating destructive behavior or is hurting other people at home.
  • The child is aggressive and communicates that this is something that’s happened at school.

Don’t Wait to Get Help  

Everyone is busy. You’ll check in next time. You don’t want to bother everyone as they are rushing out the door. 

In these situations, you may be missing key opportunities to gather information and witness statements. Memories fade quickly. Documentation of injuries gets lost.

Your child is at risk. You don’t want to allow this to happen again. Act quickly to find out what has happened.

What Happens After You Contact a Texas Daycare Injury Attorney?

Once you contact a personal injury attorney, that individual goes to work for you. That means they research what’s occurred, request information, and gather evidence. You may take the appropriate measures to report the incidents to the daycare but also to the police when a criminal event occurs. Your attorney works to document the evidence and pursue a claim for the losses your child has suffered. They work to defend you every step of the way.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Now

There’s simply no reason to put off calling a daycare injury attorney. Doing so may save a life. Learn more about how we can help you with your case when you call the Button Law Firm. Contact our legal team today to set up a free consultation with no risk and no obligation. Speak to us openly. Your privacy is protected.


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