Get compensation for daycare finger injuriesFinger injuries can happen for many reasons. Sometimes they are brought on by the negligence of another person. In a daycare setting, fingertip injuries or even finger crushing can occur as a result of a lack of oversight and care for your child.

When a serious finger injury happens, it may be beneficial to contact a child injury attorney to learn about compensation owed to you and your family. 

Types of Finger Injuries in Daycares 

There's no limit to the types of incidents that can happen to a child in a daycare setting, especially if they are not given the proper oversight by providers. Here are some examples of common daycare injuries involving the fingers.

  • Finger-crushing injuries. Crushing injuries occur when the child's fingers are smashed, often between two hard surfaces. This may cause broken bones and shattering which is difficult to repair.
  • Finger lacerations. Deep cuts can sever tendons and ligaments in the fingers and hands or cause open wounds that are at risk for infection. Lacerations of the finger can also damage nerves leading to changes in feeling and perception of safety hazards.
  • Fingertip and finger amputations. In some cases, the finger is cut off or smashed so much so that a portion is amputated in the accident. This impacts the child's quality of life and physical abilities. 

How Finger Injuries Can Happen

Accidents like this can happen for many reasons. Each situation needs careful evaluation to determine if negligence played a role in the lost finger. In some situations, that is the case often due to faulty toys or a lack of supervision. Here are some examples:

  • Putting fingers near door hinges 
  • Having something heavy fall and put pressure on the fingers, such as a rocking chair or bookshelf 
  • Fingers being slammed into a drawer being closed
  • Pinching of fingers in folding doors 
  • An open window falls on the child's finger, causing smashed fingers 
  • Bites from other children 
  • Fingers are caught in a crib rail or stroller 

Possible Treatment Options

When a child's finger is injured in any way, immediate medical attention is necessary. This can lead to surgical procedures, stitches, and other steps to preserve the function of the finger and hand while also ensuring proper care to maintain health. In situations where there is a fingertip laceration or a finger amputation, it may be necessary to have more extensive therapy and surgical procedures.

Some of the most common treatment needs include:

  • Surgical procedures to replace missing tissues or reattach amputated fingers
  • Stitches and reconstructive procedures to address open wounds
  • Treatment for the risk of infection
  • Long-term bracing and physical therapy for healing
  • Medications to minimize infection risk 
  • Repairs to broken bones, including splinting and surgical procedures 

Injuries may require more than just a single trip to the emergency room. Often, when a laceration or crush injury occurs, there are numerous doctor's appointments, therapy appointments, and follow-up care necessary to ensure that child can still write, play sports, and engage in life as fully as possible. 

Why You Need a Daycare Injury Attorney

Because of the complexity of proving negligence in daycare injury cases, it is quite important for victims to work closely with a daycare injury attorney for support. Doing so can help minimize the risk of making costly mistakes or saying the wrong thing to insurance adjusters. Your attorney will discuss your case with you, gather evidence to prove negligence, and represent you in a court of law. That may include working towards a settlement in your case or helping you to go to trial for more complex situations.

Any type of finger injury at daycare is a traumatic experience for both you and your child. These situations can be difficult, but with the help of our team, you can protect your legal recovery and get the compensation owed to your family. The Button Law Firm is here to help.

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