Child crying after suffering from a finger injury at daycare in TexasHere's What to Do After Your Child Suffers a Finger Injury in Daycare

Young children aged four and under are most likely to experience injuries that result in crushed finger injuries, according to the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America. Hand-related fractures are also among the top five most common fractures that children experience.

Despite knowing how common these types of injuries are, every parent fears getting a call from their child’s daycare about an injury their child has sustained, including a finger injury.

In this article, our child finger injury lawyer will provide resources and what you can do in the event that your child crushes or severs a finger at daycare.

Should I Get a Lawyer if My Child Crushes or Severs Their Finger at Daycare?

If your child crushes or severs one of their fingers at a daycare in Texas, it is important to follow these steps, including contacting a daycare injury lawyer like one on our team at The Button Law Firm:

  1. Take your child to an urgent care clinic, pediatrician, or emergency room as soon as possible for medical attention. While finger injuries are common with kids, these injuries can be very serious and can cause permanent damage if they are not treated right away. Potential complications from finger injuries in children include infection, nerve damage, or loss of movement in the affected finger. In severe instances, amputation may be necessary to prevent further damage.
  2. Call the police to report the incident. In addition to your child’s medical records, a police report can help provide a written record of what happened at the daycare, especially if your child’s finger injuries are severe.
  3. Report the incident to the state. You can report allegations of daycare abuse in Texas to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) by calling the Texas Abuse Hotline at 800-252-5400 or making a report online at
  4. Reach out to our experienced daycare finger injury lawyers by calling 214-699-4409 or filling out a contact form. These types of injuries can be very painful and result in significant physical and emotional trauma for your child. Your family may be eligible for compensation to cover your child’s medical expenses, therapy, other helpful resources, and pain and suffering. We will be ready to listen and advise your family on the best approach to hold the daycare accountable and get justice for your child’s injuries. However, there is a two-year time limit for filing a personal injury claim in Texas, so reach out to our team as soon as possible.

In addition to the steps shared above, download our free five-step guide to help parents after a child has experienced an injury at daycare.

How Do Crushed or Severed Finger Injuries Happen at Texas Daycares?

Crushed or severed finger injuries can happen at daycare facilities in Texas in a variety of ways. The most common causes of crushed and severed injuries to little fingers include getting:

  • Bit by other children
  • Caught in a crib rail or stroller
  • Caught in a door, door hinge, or another piece of equipment at the daycare 
  • Crushed by falling heavy objects or furniture at the daycare center, such as a rocking chair or bookshelf
  • Pinched in folding doors
  • Slammed in drawers or open windows at the daycare
  • Stepped on by another child or an adult at the daycare center

Children's fingers can also be injured by being cut by sharp objects such as toys that are not age-appropriate or unmaintained playground equipment.

The majority of finger injuries result from instances of negligence by Texas daycares in providing adequate supervision and maintaining proper child-to-caregiver ratios in daycare classrooms.

Per Texas laws, daycares are responsible for providing a safe environment for the children in their care.

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