Young boy eating a cookie that his caregivers gave him which caused an allergic reactionWe put our trust in daycare facilities whenever we drop off our children, but sometimes, this trust can become easily broken. Our client experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when their little boy faced critical danger due to a daycare’s negligence. This is the story of what happened to Liam* and how our team was able to provide closure. (*His name was changed to protect the client’s privacy.)

Liam’s Allergic Reaction at a Negligent Daycare Facility

Liam was put in grave danger due to the carelessness of his daycare facility and staff. Despite clear warnings and documentation of his severe allergies to these ingredients, Liam was given a chocolate chip cookie containing wheat, eggs, and soy.

The cookie’s ingredient label explicitly states, “contains wheat, eggs, soy milk,” along with a warning about potential contact with other allergens like tree nuts and milk. Despite all these precautions and documentation, the daycare workers gave Liam the cookie, leading to a severe allergic reaction where he struggled to breathe.

Liam’s mother had taken every possible step to ensure her child’s safety, including providing an emergency allergy care plan signed by a physician and both an EpiPen and Benadryl. Sadly, the daycare facility ignored these safeguards and neglected to administer the Benadryl or EpiPen provided or even inform Liam’s mother of the exposure.

Negligent Response: An Ignored Emergency Plan Leads to Urgent Care Treatment

When she arrived to pick up her son, she was shocked to see Liam struggling to breathe, with puffy eyes and pale skin. She administered Benadryl and rushed Liam to urgent care, where he received treatment for anaphylaxis. The traumatic incident left Liam with swelling of the tonsils that persisted for months.

Liam’s injuries were not just physical; they caused immense emotional distress. His eating habits have changed drastically, as he feels the need to pick apart his food and refrain from eating anything that isn’t liquid or soft. As you can imagine, this has completely impacted his daily nutrition and overall well-being.

Reckless Endangerment: The Daycare’s History of Ignoring Children’s Food Allergies

Our team stepped in and looked further into this daycare’s history. What we found was a long list of citations from the state for disregarding food allergy safety protocols. Upon further investigation, our team discovered his caregivers admitted to questioning whether the cookie contained allergens but decided to give it to Liam regardless, displaying a reckless disregard for his safety.

Fortunately, our team was able to recover justice for Liam and his family, so now, all they need to focus on is his complete recovery and moving on from this tragic incident.

If your child suffered an allergic reaction due to reckless caregivers, contacting The Button Law Firm is a crucial step towards seeking justice and ensuring accountability for your child. With our extensive experience in handling cases of daycare negligence, our team understands the complexities involved and is committed to providing compassionate and effective legal representation.

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