Teddy Bear of Children Who Were Mistreated by Caregiver

A Texas mother researched and chose the daycare that she believed would be best for her two children. That’s why she was so shocked to learn that her kids, who were two-year-old twins, were harmed while in daycare.

In early 2020, the children were harmed by their caregiver. One twin was yanked from his resting cot and then pushed down by his face by his caregiver. On or around the same day, at a different time, another incident happened with the twin sibling. The caregiver slapped this child across the face.

This is unacceptable behavior from a caregiver. Yet, it happened on this daycare’s watch.

Unfortunately, this daycare had a history of unacceptable behavior in years prior. Their violations included:

  • Failing to ensure caregivers were properly trained, and more specifically trained in daycare abuse and neglect.
  • Failing to use positive methods of discipline and guidance, instead using prohibited forms of punishment
  • Failing to keep the ratios put in place by the State of Texas
  • Failing to ensure directors and other staff had proper training
  • Failing to demonstrate good judgment, competency, and self-control

Additionally, caregivers at this daycare were investigated for allegedly being involved in physical altercations with each other in front of children, and using illegal substances before, during, and after work.

These violations happened within 5 years of when the incidents involving the twin toddlers occurred, showing that there was an ongoing issue with the staff, and nothing was being done to fix it.

The Impact of Daycare Abuse in Texas

This kind of abuse impacts the child and family tremendously. As a result of the abuse they endured by their caregiver, these children had a fear of strangers and were terrified of being cared for by anyone outside of their family.

How Did the Button Law Firm Help This Family?

This concerned mother reached out to our firm with questions, asking how the daycare could be held accountable for what happened. Our team immediately got to work on this case and guided this mother through the complexities of making a claim against a daycare.

Dealing with the aftermath of a daycare injury or incident is never easy for a parent or family. In addition to trying to help your child get through the trauma they experienced, you also have to find ways to pay for things that may be able to help your child, like counseling services or doctors visits. Additionally, parents may lose their trust in daycares and struggle to find good childcare for when they must go back to work.

Our team helped this family by making sure they knew that this behavior was unacceptable, and they would be held accountable for their actions and omissions. We helped ensure that the children and mother would have the resources to move forward past this incident and have the tools to continue their childhood in the healthiest way possible.

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