How to handle the grief after a wrongful deathWhen you are lost and struggling to find balance after tragically losing a loved one, you might not know where to turn. You may feel like you are stuck. Sometimes you feel great; other times you feel like the world is passing you by. Mood swings and putting on a public face are the norm. Why?

Death Is Never Easy

If you have lost someone, you know they won't be back. Nothing can bring them back. You are trying to find the place that you now can co-exist with these thoughts and constant memories. How can you handle this all by yourself?

You Are Not Alone

Unfortunately, there are many that are in the same place as you. Luckily, support groups have begun popping up everywhere. These are extremely powerful. The folks that are left grieving for those they have lost have a common bond. The shared experiences of a sudden and tragic loss are profound. Support groups bring you together with others in a similar place. These are particularly beneficial for folks that have trouble opening up to a medical professional.

If you need a list of support groups when you have lost a loved one, just email me to ask at [email protected]. We will give you a list near your home or work. If you're not comfortable reaching out to us, you can fill out a web form on our website, and we will have one of our team members contact you.

The Stages Of Grief

Grief has stages that you must work through. There is no magic formula to skip it or bypass it all. The good part is that there is an abundance of information out there about the different stages of grief. I suggest researching and reading this information on your own first. Then, write down questions or observations you have about these while you are reading it. Once you have informed yourself, move on to the next step: find a grief counselor who can help you to being to heal.

The seven stages of grief are:

1) Shock

2) Guilt

3) Anger

4) Depression

5) Upward Turn

6) Reconstruction

7) Acceptance & Hope

The seven stages of grief take everyone a bit longer to progress through. They take every one on a different journey. However, to some degree, each of you will go through these phases. 

Do You Need A Grief Counselor?

I truly believe that losing someone is hard but finding the courage to tell someone that you need help healing is even harder. Because every one grieves differently, you may think everything is okay. Even folks that are strong suffer. It is natural; it is normal. 

I really believe that grief counselors can help a lot. They are someone you can go to that will help you open up about your fears and concerns. You will learn to turn the negative thoughts you normally didn't want to think about into positives that allow you to enjoy what you had. You need to be able to think about those you have lost in a positive light. 

If you have questions about grief counselors, just reach out and ask. Finding the right one depends on where you are in the process and finding one right for you. What you want and need depends on a lot of factors. If you cannot trust the person you are seeing, then it will not be beneficial.

Where Can You Learn More?

If you want to learn more about grief counselors, just shoot us an information request on the contact us page or give us a call. We will give you a list of resources and links to study. Again, this needs to be something that you want, not something that you have to be forced to do. 

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