Child at daycare in Texas about to trap their fingers in the door because of daycare negligence.Nearly everyone has slammed their fingers in a door at least once, and the pain can be excruciating. However, when a heavy door at daycare slams shut on a child's small and delicate fingers, the injuries can be severe.

Many daycares have spring-loaded swinging doors either with or without doorknobs. These doors are very heavy, and small children are generally unable to stop them from closing. Kids can be severely injured and even lose fingers when they put their small hands on the hinges or on the opposite side of the door where the doorknob would be. 

It is important for caregivers at Texas daycares to open and close doors for children to prevent any incidents from occuring. Caregivers should also continuously monitor the children in their care to ensure that they do not trap their fingers in a door.

Additionally, daycare facilities should implement safety devices on any spring-loaded doors. Continue reading to learn more about these safety measures

How To Prevent Children From Trapping Their Fingers in Doors at Texas Daycares 

In a daycare center, it is common for automatic door closers to be in place. These are designed to slow down slammed doors to prevent finger-trapping accidents from occurring. While this device works well, it only works on the handle side of the door and the majority or finger-trapping injuries take place on the hinge side of the door. 

There is an easy solution to this dangerous situation. Numerous manufacturers make door finger pinch guards that daycares can install on the hinged side of the door. These safety devices can completely eliminate the chance of a hinge-trapping accident. The small plastic casing is easy to install and is placed around both sides of the door, blocking contact with the open hinge. These stoppers can also prevent the door from closing unexpectedly.

In addition to adding pinch guards, daycares can paint or tape the area where the door swings to provide a visual reminder for everyone to stay out of the way of a swinging door.

Signs of a Finger-Trapping Injury from Daycare

A finger-trapping incident that occurs because of a heavy door slamming shut can cause painful injuries. Some of the most common symptoms include the following:

  • Throbbing and aching finger pain
  • Bruising and color change of the skin and fingernail
  • Loss of sensation in the fingertip
  • Difficulty using the fingertip and stiffness in the finger
  • Inflammation, including pain, swelling, and redness
  • Severed finger or fingertip

What You Should Do if Your Child Is Hurt in a Finger-Trapping Accident While at Daycare

In the event of a finger-trapping incident involving your child at daycare, seek medical assistance immediately. Seeking immediate medical attention not only ensures proper documentation of the injury but also strengthens any potential insurance claims or legal actions against the daycare. Without prompt medical treatment, insurance companies may dispute the severity of the injury, potentially complicating the claims process. While some injuries may resolve without intervention, severe cases—such as finger loss—necessitate medical intervention to prevent complications.

Getting legal help immediately is also beneficial. If the daycare is found to be liable for your child’s door finger-trapping accident, they will be the ones to pay for your child’s medical bills. Other damages you and your child may be eligible for include other costs associated with the treatment and recovery of your child’s injuries, as well as their pain and suffering.

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