Rebeca Anderson of Mesquite, Texas abused children who were in her careThis week I found out that the daycare worker, Rebecca Anderson, operating Becky’s Home Child Care in Mesquite, Texas was abusing and neglecting children who were under her care. I am not okay with this. 

These hard-working parents that trusted their children would be properly cared for are now dealing with the pain of not knowing what happened to their young ones. 

I hope parents will be able to understand the following three things after reading my article: 

  • The legal process of a daycare negligence case
  • How a lawyer can help your case 
  • What to look for in a daycare negligence lawyer   

What’s The Process Of A Daycare Negligence Lawsuit 

The first thing that is going to happen is, already happening. The State’s Department of Health and Human Services is investigating the daycare agencies and the Criminal investigators are doing their jobs from the criminal aspect. They are gathering evidence and speaking with everyone involved. The insurance company for Becky’s Home Child Care in Mesquite will also have their investigators call anyone involved to potentially get a quick and cheap resolution to this.

Don’t fall for that. At the minimum, set up a free consult with an attorney to discuss your claim before signing any type of release. 

Why Should I Hire A Daycare Negligence and Abuse Lawyer? 

When it comes to the claims process, having a lawyer can be beneficial in multiple ways. An attorney will contact the people at the governmental agencies as well as the representatives for Becky’s Home Child Care and their insurance company. The attorney can explain in detail the full extent of your child’s immediate injuries and inform of any ongoing medical care. 

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The attorney will make sure that the claim is properly evaluated from the outside. It’s much easier to settle a case down the road for fair value when the initial reserves. In other words, the money set aside right now is properly adjusted. 

A lawyer can also help during the investigative process which will allow you to solely focus on your child during this tough time. 

What Should I Look For On A Daycare Negligence Attorney For My Daycare Case? 

In choosing the right lawyer, there are some very important things to consider. One is how much experience does this lawyer have with daycare cases and catastrophic abuse cases. Is this an attorney who is just looking to profit off from children’s injuries? Or is his practice dedicated to helping families? 

We have a list of questions to ask the attorney you are considering for your daycare case. We encourage you ask these questions as daycare cases are different and move rather quickly. You’ll want to make sure you have a team that has dealt with daycare injuries prior to the one you are contacting the firm about. If you are interested in receiving this list, please call us and we will gladly send it to you. 

I can tell you since my first day in practice, my focus has been on serving people with life-changing injuries and families whose children were injured at daycare because I grew up in a daycare world with both my parents working full time. It’s what I do every day in Texas and other states. 

At the end of the day, you don’t want a lawyer who treats you like a file number but a lawyer who will treat you like the human being that you are. You want someone that puts you first and treats you like family. 

What Can The Button Law Firm Do To Help? 

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of Becky’s Home Child Care in Mesquite, Texas that was discovered on September 14, 2018, feel free to call me here in my office. Our Dallas office number is 214-699-4409. If you feel you are not ready to speak to an attorney but want free information on daycare neglect, fill out our Contact Us form. 

My clients are family and part of being a family is being sure you got direct access to me. My office will even give you my cell phone number so you can contact me any time of the day or night. 

Lastly, just know that I wish you the best in recovery. I hope your child’s recovery is fast and I hope that it’s full. I look forward to speaking with you very soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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