Daycare and Deficiencies: The facility was cited for violating standard §746.1201, which states the childcare center must “Ensure that no child is abused, neglected, or exploited while in the care of the center.”Toddler upset after inappropriate discipline

Date of Incident: October 6, 2017

Summary of the Report: The Texas Health and Human Services Commission Child-Care Licensing Division conducted an investigation regarding an allegation that a toddler who was yanked by one arm and screamed at in her face by a daycare’s caregiver employee. The incident was reported to the administrative staff after a parent picking up a different child witnessed the incident through a window.

The caregiver in question was called into the director’s office to discuss her actions further. This caregiver did not deny picking up the two-year-old by one arm, however she did deny having ever thrown or pulled a child. When confronted on the allegation that she screamed in a child’s face, the caregiver admitted to having done so. The caregiver stated that she screamed in the child’s face because the child was screaming in hers. The director reported to the investigator that she had also received a previous allegation that the same caregiver had hit a child in the face. When confronted with this allegation, the caregiver denied having ever hit a child in the face.

Following the confrontation, the daycare director terminated the caregiver.

You can read the entire report here.

How Did This Negligence Happen at Daycare?

It only takes one unqualified, untrained, and unsupervised daycare worker to cause serious harm to a child.

Daycares and the caregivers they employ must know and follow the minimum standards put out by the state. It is the daycare’s job to ensure that the people they hire are qualified to do the look after children. For example, hiring a caregiver that does not present the right temperament to handle young children is not acceptable. The daycare is responsible for making sure that the people they put in charge of your child are able to maintain their composure when dealing with restless children.

Inappropriate Discipline in Daycares

Unfortunately, inappropriate discipline is more common than one might think. Though the rules explicitly state not to commit these types of acts, some caregivers think they can get away with it. It’s hard to understand why an adult would physically harm or inappropriately punish a young child – especially one that is not theirs and that they have been hired to care for. Oftentimes, we see that these scenarios involve adults who quickly lose their patience—patience is something a caregiver needs when working with children.

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What the Button Law Firm is Doing to Stop This

Our team has experience in daycare injury lawsuits. The Button Law Firm works hard to ensure daycares are providing top-notch care to the children. We do this by making sure daycares that break the rules are always held accountable for their negligence.

Our team of injury attorneys want daycare abuse and negligence to end — too many children have been hurt by a daycare workers’ disregard for safety.

What Do I Do If a Daycare Employee Has Harmed My Child?

If you believe your child was harmed by a caregiver, make sure you report it to the state licensing department. To assist with this, we offer a tool on our site for you to find out how to report daycare abuse and negligence in your state.

If you or someone you know has a child who was a victim of daycare abuse or neglect, please reach out to the Button Law Firm. Our team works hard to make sure you receive justice. You can give us a call at (214) 699-4409 or email [email protected]. You can also contact us by filling out the form below.

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