Parents protecting their kids from daycare injuries by choosing a safe daycare in TexasDaycare centers are necessary for many families with preschool-aged children and working parents. It can be challenging for parents to find daycare centers that are affordable and safe for their children - especially for single-parent homes. In order to lower costs for parents, some daycare centers might cut corners to decrease their overhead and charge less. No matter how much your daycare costs, as a parent, you expect your child to be safe while under the supervision of caregivers. 

Reasons Children Might Be Hurt at Daycares in Texas

Taking care of young children is a tough job, and kids getting hurt or ill is common in any setting. However, when children are at daycare centers, administrators and staff are responsible for taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of children in their care. Some of the reasons children might get hurt at daycare include:

  • Unqualified staff: Daycare centers often experience high turnover rates, which can lead to them hiring workers who may not be qualified. According to Texas law, all daycare workers must pass a background check and meet certain minimum standards. If your child is injured while under the care of an unqualified staff member, the daycare center could be held liable for knowingly putting your child in harm’s way.
  • Inadequate staffing: Texas law specifies child-to-caregiver ratios at daycare. As children get older and more independent, the ratio changes. For example, one worker cannot have more than four babies under a year old under their care, but they may be able to supervise 15 six-year-olds. If there are too many children and too few staff, this can lead to a lack of supervision and negligence.
  • Unsafe daycare facility: Daycare centers in Texas must follow an extensive list of safety practices covering everything from furniture type to sanitizing surfaces. Daycare centers should train staff in the expected cleanliness protocols and conduct inspections regularly to ensure safety regulations are followed.
  • Caregiver abuse: When children are physically or sexually abused by a daycare staff member, it can cause serious physical, mental, and emotional injuries to a child. In this situation, the caregiver may face criminal charges, and the daycare may be held responsible for negligence in a civil suit. 

Types of Injuries at Unsafe Daycare Centers in Dallas

Unfortunately, injuries can happen frequently at daycares that are unsafe. The greatest chance of children being injured in daycare centers is in the following ways. 

Playground Injuries

Injuries at daycare are most often caused during outdoor playtime. This can include falls from playground equipment or injuries that result when equipment is not properly maintained. Children can also be injured on playground equipment when there is a lack of supervision by a daycare employee. 

Transportation Injuries 

There are many injuries that can be caused during transportation at a daycare. Transportation vehicles can get into car wrecks, or children can be left in hot vans when returned to the facility. These injuries can range in severity from heatstroke to death. 


Young children like to put everything into their mouths, and daycare staff must be diligent about keeping small objects out of reach. Toys with small parts may come unattached and block a child's airway. During mealtime, it is also crucial to make sure that daycare employees feed children age-appropriate foods and cut up foods into smaller pieces to avoid choking. 

Inadequate Safety Injuries

Safety equipment such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are necessary for daycare facilities and should be regularly inspected for any signs of damage or battery issues. If a daycare facility lacks the proper amount of alarms, children can suffer from smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning, which could be fatal. 


It only takes a few inches of water for very young children to drown. Daycare centers are required to keep adequate security and fencing around swimming pools, bathtubs, and other containers filled with water. Maintaining vigilant supervision is key to preventing injuries if a child is using one of these objects. 

The Button Law Firm Can Help If Your Child Was Injured at a Daycare in Texas

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