Child left alone on playgroundMost families across Texas rely on child care help and entrust local daycare centers to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their young children. However, our Texas daycare injury lawyers are seeing a rise in the number of families reaching out them about abandonment incidents.

That is why we are here to inform parents about the situations that endanger the lives of little ones and the safety protocols that Texas daycare centers are required to follow in order to prevent abandonment and neglect incidents from happening.

Common Scenarios That Lead to Abandonment Incidents at Daycare Centers in Texas

You may be wondering: Abandonment incidents at a daycare?! How can a child be abandoned at a daycare center that you pay a lot of money for?

Sadly, some negligent daycare centers in Texas do not properly supervise children or follow the state’s minimum standards, or the safety laws that daycare centers required to comply with to remain open. Because of this, the most common abandonment and neglect incidents that parents are contacting us about involve children being left:

In addition to the list above, curious toddlers able to wander out of a daycare center is another scenario that we are hearing families experience more frequently.

Texas Daycare Laws That Prevent Abandonment Incidents

As we mentioned earlier in this post, Texas daycare laws clearly outline every aspect of child care in order to protect children from potential injuries or unsafe situations, such as abandonment incidents.

The state requires that daycare centers do the following to ensure all children are properly supervised and accounted for:

  • Conduct a name-to-face headcount when transitioning from one area of the daycare center to another and when exiting a daycare van or bus
  • Confirm all caregivers are qualified and complete annual childcare training requirements, including supervision and abandonment prevention tactics
  • Ensure that no child is neglected
  • Inspect the daycare center’s premises to ensure all classrooms and outdoor spaces are maintained
  • Operate within given child-to-caregiver ratios to provide adequate supervision and attention to all children in a classroom, including visual awareness of each child’s activities
  • Properly document the transfer of a daycare class, including conducting a headcount, to another worker if a shift change occurs
  • Require all daycare employees know which children they are responsible for at all times

Find the a complete list of the minimum standards mandated by the state here.

To know what questions to ask your child’s daycare center to guarantee the facility complies with the minimum standards to prevent abandonment incidents, download our free guide that offers tips on how to find a safe daycare.

Client Wins: How The Button Law Firm Has Helped Texas Families After Daycare Abandonment Incidents

Our Texas daycare injury lawyers have successfully helped families across the Lone Star State get justice in daycare abandonment and neglect cases. Check out a few of our success stories regarding these incidents:

If a Daycare Center Abandoned Your Child, Get a Free Consultation with Our Texas Daycare Injury Lawyers

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