Young girl choking at daycare in Spring, TexasChildren ages four years old and under are most susceptible to choking incidents, even within the confines of daycare centers in Spring, Texas. This heightened risk stems from the innate behavior of children putting objects in their mouths and learning how to chew properly, an integral part of their developmental process.

Learning about choking is important because these incidents can turn fatal within minutes at Spring daycare centers. Sadly, choking is among the leading causes of injury and death in children, as reported by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When a child chokes on food or an object, his or her airway becomes obstructed, preventing them from breathing properly and cutting oxygen off from getting to the brain.

Our Spring daycare injury lawyers are educating parents about the common choking hazards in local daycare centers and what caregivers can do to prevent these dangerous incidents.

Choking on Food at Daycare Centers in Spring, Texas

Choking on food kills approximately one child every five days in the United States, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact, an 18-month-old child in Harris County was in critical condition and required being airlifted to a hospital after choking on food, according to an ABC 13 story.

Young children in Spring may face increased choking risks with certain popular foods known for their challenging chewability and textures. Some examples include:

  • Cherries
  • Chunks of cheese or fruit
  • Gummy candies or vitamins
  • Hard candies
  • Hot dogs
  • Marshmallows
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Peanut butter
  • Popcorn
  • Raisins
  • Raw vegetables such as carrots
  • Sausages
  • Whole grapes

Poor eating postures, such as children eating while hunched over or lying down and eating quickly during meals or snack times, can also lead to choking episodes at Spring Daycare centers, even when cautious caregivers cut foods into bite-size pieces.

Other Common Choking Hazards at Spring Daycare Centers

Young children in Spring also frequently exhibit oral sensory-seeking behavior by placing non-food items in their mouths. These tendencies serve as a way for them to explore new objects with their senses and find comfort through self-soothing.               

Our Spring daycare injury lawyers have seen firsthand how some common objects in a typical daycare classroom pose a serious choking risk. Caregivers should be diligent about storing the following items in classrooms and closely supervise little ones to ensure they keep these objects out of their mouths:

For more details on common choking hazards at daycare centers in Spring, watch this video.

How Spring Daycare Centers Can Prevent Choking Incidents

Although the risks of choking incidents at daycare centers in Spring can sound alarming, the good news is that they are easily preventable.

Choking incidents, especially those involving little ones, are not what you commonly see on TV shows or movies, where the person choking makes loud noises and exaggerated movements. A child may be choking in silence. That is why proper supervision in a classroom, an approved child-to-caregiver ratio, and compliance with the state’s minimum standards can keep little ones safe at Spring childcare facilities.

Other tactics that Spring daycare centers should follow to prevent choking incidents include:

  • Cutting all foods into small, easily chewable pieces
  • Removing potential choking hazards that are within reach of little ones
  • Teaching and practicing the importance of thoroughly chewing food before swallowing by encouraging little ones to chew 10 times for every bite

Learn more ways Spring daycare centers can prevent choking hazards by watching this video.

Spring parents can also take proactive steps to prevent their children from experiencing a choking incident. When touring daycare centers in Spring, be sure to ask the director how many employees are CPR-certified, how often caregivers receive training for and practice administering the Heimlich maneuver, and what checks and balances in the center are in place to ensure all snacks and meals are prepared safely for little ones to eat.

For more tips, download our free guide to find a safe daycare center in Spring here.

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