Heat-Related Child Deaths in Texas: A Closer Look at the Reality of Hot Vehicle Incidentsthermometer showing high temps with sun in background

Leaving a child unattended in a parked car poses a serious risk of heat-related illness or death. Within just 10 minutes under the sun, the temperature inside a daycare van can skyrocket by 20 degrees. In 20 minutes, it can surge by 40 degrees, reaching a dangerous 135 degrees if it's already 95 outside. This stark reality emphasizes the urgent need to never leave a child alone in a van, as even a brief duration can have tragic consequences.

Our team of Texas daycare injury attorneys understands the grave danger posed by leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, especially considering the rapid temperature escalation, even on warm days. In the scorching Texas summer heat, factors like cracked windows or shaded parking offer little relief. The internal temperatures inside the van continue to climb, mirroring those outside, regardless of attempts to mitigate the heat.

Preventing Tragedies: How Texas Daycare Teachers Can Easily Protect Children

Ensuring child safety is straightforward. Texas daycare centers must implement robust protocols, such as assigning two staff members to thoroughly inspect the van after children exit and meticulously checking every inch for children and their belongings. Once cleared, the van should be securely locked to prevent re-entry. Upon return, a documented roster check with a roll call is imperative, going beyond simple head counts to guarantee accountability.

What Should a Daycare Employee Do if a Child Is Left Inside a Van?

In the event of a child being discovered in a hot van, the immediate priority is to assess their medical condition for signs of heatstroke. If daycare staff lack training in managing heatstroke, this underscores a critical need for additional qualifications and training.

Following this, it's essential to promptly contact the child's parents and inform them of the situation. Transparency is crucial here, as parents need to comprehend the gravity of the incident. Misrepresenting the duration or severity of the situation only serves to undermine trust and could potentially endanger the child further.

Subsequently, depending on the child's condition, it's imperative to either call emergency services or transport the child to the hospital. Taking swift action is paramount, as the severity of heatstroke can escalate rapidly, and any delay in treatment could have dire consequences.

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