Dallas Daycare Negligence and Abuse Attorney Explains Why The DFPS Show Up At Your House After Your Child Is Injured At A Daycare

You just filled an incident report at the daycare facility and now the Department of Family and Protective Services is knocking at your door. Don’t freak out, it’s normal. They are not questioning your parenting skills, they are simply there to gather more facts on the case against the daycare.

Why is Department of Family and Protective Services showing up at my house?

The reason why Department of Family and Protective Services is trying to schedule a meeting with you and your child after they were injured at the daycare, is because it's required to be reported to the State of Texas.

Even if you called the police, the police are going to defer to the State of Texas agency that is responsible for investigating daycare and injuries that happened at them and during this investigation process, they're going to meet with the family, the parents, the child. They're also going to speak with everyone at the daycare facility that may have facts regarding what happened and how it happened.

They're going to look at any video if it was made available and they're going read any documentation about what happened and about the care that, that child had received and ultimately the Department of Family and Protective Services will come up with an investigation report and come up with conclusory findings.

How Long Does It Take Before I Get The Report?

That time frame takes anywhere from 15 days to 45 days as we've seen on average. Once it's actually concluded, the family will get a letter and then from that point, the family can then do an open record request to actually completely receive the investigation materials that came with that involving their injured child.

What Can The Button Law Firm Do To Help?

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