Posted on Jun 26, 2024

Crying childFORT WORTH, Texas - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently featured a significant lawsuit filed by The Button Law Firm, shedding light on a distressing case involving a Texas daycare. The article, authored by Kate Linderman, details the harrowing events surrounding a 4-year-old child’s sexual abuse and the negligence of the daycare center.

The Daycare Incident and Immediate Aftermath

According to the article, the incident occurred on January 6, 2023, when a mother was shown surveillance footage of her 4-year-old son being sexually abused by a caregiver at By The Barnyard Gate, a daycare in Sachse, Texas. The footage revealed Efrain Jesus Bonilla inappropriately touching the child while he napped. The mother, expecting the daycare to report the incident to the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) as required by law, was dismayed that no report was made. Consequently, she took it upon herself to notify the authorities.

Details About the Lawsuit Against the Texas Daycare

The article emphasizes the claims outlined in the lawsuit filed by The Button Law Firm. Despite the mother’s immediate action and the evidence presented, the daycare allowed Bonilla to continue working with children. Only after the mother’s report to DFPS was a state investigation launched, leading to Bonilla’s eventual dismissal. According to the lawsuit, the investigation confirmed the abuse claims.

By The Barnyard Gate’s History of Citations

According to the article, By The Barnyard Gate had been cited 20 times between 2019 and 2023 for various infractions, including failure to supervise children properly and inadequate safety measures in transportation vehicles. The facility had accumulated “24 deficiencies out of 4,095 standards evaluated” over the last 60 months, as noted by the Texas Health and Human Services Department. These previous citations further highlight the negligence mentioned in the lawsuit.

Recovery for Damages Suffered by This North Texas Family

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram article also highlights the emotional toll on the family. The mother is seeking recovery for damages due to the trauma and the daycare's failure to protect her child. In a June 17 news release, she expressed her heartbreak and anger, stating, “My son’s innocence should have been protected at this school.” The article emphasizes the gravity of the allegations and the profound impact on the family.

Legal and Criminal Proceedings

The article details the legal proceedings following the mother’s report. Bonilla was arrested and charged with indecency with a child but was later released on bond. The lawsuit filed by The Button Law Firm aims to hold the daycare accountable for its gross negligence and failure to protect the children in its care.

Bringing Attention to Daycare Abuse Incidents

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's feature on this case has brought significant attention to the issue of daycare safety and the responsibilities of childcare providers to prevent instances of child abuse. By reporting on the lawsuit filed by The Button Law Firm, the article emphasizes the importance of accountability and the need for stringent measures to protect vulnerable children.

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