Posted on Oct 05, 2023

playground where child was injuredCROSBY, TX – The Button Law Firm is representing a family in a lawsuit after their daughter suffered a serious ear injury at daycare.

What Happened at This Crosby, Texas Daycare?

In March of 2022, a three-year-old girl suffered a life-changing hearing loss injury after her daycare caregivers failed to properly supervise her and other children during playtime on the playground. According to the lawsuit filed by The Button Law Firm on behalf of the girl’s parents, John and Jennifer Hudman, a child shoved a stick into their young daughter’s ear, causing her eardrum to rupture, causing the child to suffer from excruciating pain. Caregivers were not actively supervising the children at the time of the incident. Instead, they sat on a bench far away where they could not properly monitor the playground.

The lawsuit also claims that the caregivers did not seek emergency medical care after they realized what happened – noticing blood coming from the girl’s right ear due to a rupture to the tympanic membrane. Additionally, the caregivers at Crosby Christian Academy did not report the incident to the state’s licensing agency, even though it’s legally required for all daycares in Texas to report such incidents.

According to the filed petition, the state of Texas conducted an independent investigation into the daycare and determined that Crosby Christian Academy failed to meet regulation requirements to keep the children in its care safe from harm. The daycare had a six-year history that showed several citations on this facility, involving issues related to proper supervision, annual training of employees, and neglecting to report situations where children were injured or at risk of being injured.

To see the filed petition, click here.

How The Button Law Firm is Working to Hold Crosby Christian Academy Accountable

As the attorneys representing this family, The Button Law Firm is working to hold Crosby Christian Academy accountable for acting negligently and causing a toddler child to suffer a life-long, excruciatingly painful injury.

The family’s attorney, Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, stated, “It is deeply troubling that daycare workers chose to sit on a bench instead of watch very young toddlers, who are curious about anything they get their hands on. And now, a little girl has permanent hearing loss because the adults responsible for her well-being failed to do their job and follow basic state laws.”

Proper supervision is essential when caregivers are watching young children, like toddlers. When daycares fail to do this, they are putting the children at risk of suffering from serious, painful, and life-long injuries.

How to Contact The Button Law Firm After Your Child Has Suffered a Serious Daycare Injury

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