Posted on May 14, 2024

Fresno publication features The Button Law Firm daycare negligence lawsuitFRESNO, California - YourCentralValley's recent feature sheds light on a troubling incident at a Carrollton, Texas daycare center, where negligence and disregard for safety led to a 2-year-old child's injury. This heartbreaking revelation has prompted legal action by The Button Law Firm, which is dedicated to advocating for victims of childcare negligence. The lawsuit, filed against LMNOP Children’s Academy on behalf of April Marin, the child’s mother, aims to hold accountable those responsible for the child's injuries and enact meaningful change within the childcare industry.

Caregiver Negligence Leads to Facial Injuries at Dallas-Area Daycare

The shocking incident unfolded when Marin arrived at the daycare center to pick up her child, only to discover that the toddler had sustained a black eye and a swollen, punctured lip.

Despite initial claims by the daycare's caregivers that the injury occurred while the child was eating a snack, surveillance footage revealed a disturbing truth. According to the article, a frustrated daycare worker dropped the child onto a nap cot, causing them to fall, hit their head, and bite through their bottom lip. This blatant act of negligence not only highlights the severity of the incident but also raises serious concerns about the safety protocols in place at the daycare center.

History of State Minimum Standards Violations for LMNOP Children’s Academy

According to the feature by YourCentralValley, the daycare failed to notify Marin promptly about the situation and did not fill out a state-mandated incident report after the toddler was injured. The center also continued to try and cover up the reason for the incident, going as far as having a caregiver who was not present for the injury corroborate another caregiver's story.

A state investigation also uncovered a history of multiple past violations at the daycare center, further underscoring the extent of negligence within the facility.

According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the daycare center has repeatedly failed to adhere to mandated safety protocols, including timely notification of parents following incidents and filing incident reports promptly. Such lapses in oversight not only put children at risk but also demonstrate a disregard for the well-being of those under the daycare's care.

How The Button Law Firm Is Taking a Stand in the Daycare Injury Lawsuit

The Button Law Firm has taken decisive action to hold LMNOP Children’s Academy accountable for its failures to protect the children in its care. Daycare injury attorney Russell Button is representing Marin in the lawsuit and is dedicated to seeking justice for the child along with enacting meaningful change within the childcare industry.

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