Posted on Aug 09, 2023

Attorneys Russell Button and Ashley WashingtonWhat Happened at This Daycare?

St. Louis, MO - In January 2023, Jamyil Thomas trusted that his daughter would be safe at Lily Pad Learning Center in St. Louis, Missouri. However, his one-year-old child was mistreated by the people responsible for keeping her safe.

The young girl was handled aggressively, inappropriately disciplined, and force-fed to the point of choking and vomiting.

Surveillance footage shows the young girl was quietly sitting at a dining table as food was shoved into her mouth with such force that her head would bob back and forth. As the one-year-old girl began to cry, the caregiver can be heard saying, “I don’t care,” as she continued to shove food into the child’s mouth. The repetitive shoving of food into the girl’s mouth caused her to gag, choke, and vomit as her had is tilted back and tears are coming down her face.

Even after the caregiver sees the signs of choking and vomiting, she doesn’t stop and yells, “Stop that,” at the one-year-old. The child’s vomit is then smeared across her face, and the food she threw up is shoved back into her mouth by the caregiver. The irate caregiver forcefully grabbed the little girl from under the arms and yanks her out of the dining chair before slamming her onto a changing table. The employee continues to yell at her, screaming at her to “shut up!”

When the child’s father arrived at the daycare to pick her up, he was told that the caregivers found a bruise on her arm. In fact, the caregivers were seen on camera discussing the scratches to the child’s face and arm as a direct result of their mistreatment of her. The daycare never notified the parents or the state about any of the incidents that happened. They also told the father that the child was sick and threw up – without disclosing any of the force-feeding information. This story from the daycare staff was a complete falsehood.

The daycare even went as far as to say that she “threw up a bunch of old milk” and that they were “unsure of where the bruise came from.” They also claimed to have given her hugs to console her. The child’s parents, however, were not satisfied with the answers they were given – they continued to question the daycare until they got more information – about four days later. That’s when the child’s father contacted the police and made a report to the state of Missouri.

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What is The Button Law Firm Doing to Help This Baby After Suffering from Horrendous Abuse at Daycare?

The Button Law Firm joined Chris Finney of Finney Injury Law to get justice for this child. As experienced personal injury attorneys in Texas, attorneys Russell Button and Ashley Washington were brought onto the case due to their extensive knowledge of childcare safety and guidelines for violations.

To help this family move forward, the attorneys at The Button Law Firm and Finney Injury Law are have filed a lawsuit against the daycare – this is to get a fair resolution for the child so that she can recover and move forward.

The team at The Button Law Firm has helped many families and children move forward after a daycare injury. That can be from daycare abuse or neglect, inappropriate discipline, overheating in daycare vehicles, or other injuries that may happen to young children at daycare.

How to Contact The Button Law Firm After a Daycare Injury

If your child was injured by an abusive daycare provider, contact our daycare injury team at The Button Law Firm. Our team is experienced in helping families move forward after their little one has suffered at daycare.

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