Posted on Apr 28, 2023

Denton Record Chronicle News Story About Springbok AcademyDENTON - The Denton Record Chronicle has reported on the story of a Texas family that is being represented by The Button Law Firm after their young daughter suffered injuries from chemical burns at daycare.

In the story, the Denton news publication details the incidents that led to this child suffering from the chemical burn. The article states, “Shortly after 1-year-old Lillian Epting was put down for a nap at the preschool and day care center last February, she began screaming in discomfort, according to a suit filed in Denton County District Court. That’s because the mat Lillian was allegedly forced to lay on for two hours as she cried out in pain had been improperly cleaned with a commercial-grade disinfectant, which burned her face and singed her hair, the suit claims.”

The article continues on to say, “Though Lillian showed immediate discomfort upon being placed on the nap mat, video footage shows that an hour and twenty minutes passed before a caregiver picked Lillian up and comforted her briefly before placing her back on the mat despite her face appearing swollen and red, according to the suit.”

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Steps to Take If Your Child Suffered from a Chemical Burn Injury at Daycare

First – get your child immediate medical attention. Even burns that look minor may cause deep tissue injuries in the future.

Second – report the incident to the state. Click here to learn how to report a daycare injury to the state of Texas.

And third – contact a daycare injury lawyer. If daycares allow these injuries to happen, they must be held accountable. That’s why it’s essential that you reach out to a daycare injury attorney, like our Dallas daycare injury lawyer team here at The Button Law Firm.

Daycare injury attorneys have unique experience in handling claims against daycares since it involves injuries to children.

What to Do If Your Child Suffered Serious Injuries at Daycare

If your child was seriously hurt while at daycare, it’s important to take action right away. Injuries, like those from chemical burns and bottle warmer burns, are completely preventable. Learn more about how making a claim against a daycare can help your child recover.

To learn more about how The Button Law Firm has helped families in Denton and beyond after their child has suffered from a serious injury at daycare, be sure to read our success stories here.

How to Contact Our Texas Daycare Injury Attorneys

To get in touch with our Texas child injury lawyers, give us a call at (214)699-4409 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also reach out to a member of our team by starting a chat.

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