The Dangers of Bottle Warmer Burns

As a parent, you know that child-proofing your house is essential, especially when your child begins to crawl and walk. It's an exciting time. But if you don't, they can be injured from things like:

Wouldn't you expect a daycare to keep up with the same child-proofing standards that you have? Daycare should always have their facility child-proofed. Not only is this common knowledge, but it's required by the law. Young children, especially infants and toddlers, are unpredictable, curious, and can be fast.

The most common example we've seen of daycares not child-proofing their facility is when children are burned by bottle warmers. While bottle warmers are necessary for feeding babies, there are rules in place to prevent babies from being burned. Safety rules require the bottle warmers to be secured on a counter with no cords hanging off. Even better if they put the bottle warmers in a room that children can't get into.

When caregivers ignore these rules, children are going to get hurt. I'll give you an example. We represented a family whose young child was burned when a bottle warmer fell off the counter and boiling water fell on his face. That resulted in second-degree burns and extremely painful treatments. The caregivers at this facility did not have the bottle warmer properly secured and had cords hanging off the counter.

And as a result of this and the lack of supervision, it allowed the children to pull the cord and make the bottle warmers tip over. No child should ever have to go through this kind of suffering, as bottle warmer burn cases are 100% preventable.

If your child was burned at daycare, it's important that you hold the daycare responsible. Contact us to figure out your options for holding daycares accountable. This is important to prevent future cases like these from happening again and to get closure for you and your family.