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Baby wandering alonePLANO, Texas - In a recent feature by Star Local Media, a Plano-based publication, the story of severe neglect at Building Blocks Childcare Center in Seven Points, Texas, has come to the forefront. This case has drawn significant attention as parents Stephanie Morgan and Justin Brannon pursue legal action against the daycare center and its owner, Steven Stearman. The families, represented by The Button Law Firm, say that the daycare center failed to comply with state childcare regulations, resulting in the dangerous situation that unfolded in December 2023.

Disturbing Incident Highlights Neglect at East Texas Daycare

The feature by Star Local Media details how the toddlers, aged 17 to 20 months, were found outside the daycare facility unattended, which prompted immediate concern and legal action. A good Samaritan discovered the children near a bank drive-thru adjacent to the daycare. The toddlers had smelly, soaked diapers, painful spurweed grass stickers stuck to their clothing and bodies, and were not wearing shoes or pants despite the cold weather.

False Narratives and Conflicting Stories from Building Blocks Childcare Center

According to the article by the Plano-based publication, the good Samaritan quickly alerted a bank teller, and together they escorted the toddlers back to the daycare center. The lawsuit states that while one daycare employee eventually claimed the children, another acknowledged they were from the center but returned inside, leaving the children with the good Samaritan and bank teller. This led the concerned citizens to contact the local police for assistance.

The suit further claims that Steven Stearman, the owner, failed to notify the parents immediately and provided them with conflicting and false accounts of the incident, which was later revealed by surveillance footage from the bank's security cameras.

Parents' Response and Legal Action

One of the parents, Stephanie Morgan, expressed her heartbreak and disappointment in the daycare's handling of the situation. "My heart was broken upon learning how little Building Blocks Childcare Center actually cared for my child, and further disrespected us by lying," she said in the feature. "We selected this daycare center based on its claims of providing a nurturing environment and superior childcare, which were clearly lies as well. I cannot thank the good Samaritan and bank teller enough for saving my baby."

Texas State Investigation Uncovers Further Negligence

The Star Local Media article highlights findings from the investigation that revealed severe lapses in childcare standards. Despite the children being in a class of only six, they managed to leave the facility unnoticed for an extended period. Post-incident, Building Blocks Childcare Center was cited by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Child-Care Licensing Division and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for multiple violations. These included having an absent daycare director, failing to change diapers promptly, neglecting children, not reporting the incident, leaving infants unsupervised, and using the infant classroom as a pass-through room with an unmonitored exterior door. According to state records, the center had seven other citations over two and a half years.

Legal Proceedings and Advocacy Led by The Button Law Firm

Russell Button, the attorney from The Button Law Firm representing the families, emphasized the severity of the negligence in the Star Local Media feature. "The multiple red flags in this daycare negligence case are shocking," Button said. "Half of a toddler classroom disappeared, and no one at Building Blocks Childcare Center even knew these young children were gone. Our focus in this lawsuit is to hold the center and Mr. Stearman accountable for completely ignoring several childcare laws that unnecessarily endangered the health and safety of innocent babies."

The Need for Accountability at Texas Daycares

The Star Local Media's coverage underscores the critical need for attention and accountability in childcare facilities. As the legal proceedings continue in the District Court of Henderson County, Texas, the case brought by Stephanie Morgan and Justin Brannon highlights the importance of safeguarding children and ensuring strict adherence to childcare regulations. The Button Law Firm remains committed to seeking justice for the affected families and advocating for necessary reforms to prevent such incidents in the future.

Contact The Button Law Firm if Your Child Wandered from a Texas Daycare Center

Our team at The Button Law Firm stands by the families, advocating fiercely for their rights and seeking justice in the face of adversity. In our unwavering commitment to holding negligent parties accountable, we strive to make communities safer for children across Texas and beyond. To learn more about how we have helped families move forward from daycare negligence and abuse, click here.

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