Posted on May 31, 2023

Young boy holding teddy bear after being abused at daycare.MIDLAND – A Midland, Texas mother is being represented by The Button Law Firm in a lawsuit against Greenwood Baptist Church’s Learning Center after her son suffered physical, emotional, and psychological harm from his caregivers.

What Happened at This Midland, Texas Daycare?

This West Texas mom discovered that while her three-year-old son was at daycare, he was left in the daycare’s kitchen pantry with the lights off. Additionally, and shockingly, the child’s caregivers sprayed him with toxic disinfectant and forced him to sit next to a trash can.

Upon learning about these incidents, the daycare waited to notify the child’s mother and the state of Texas, even though these steps are legally required by the state.

After the mother found out about what happened to her son, she reported it to the daycare licensing division in the State of Texas. Upon investigating, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission found that the mistreatment this young child suffered was not uncommon and that many of the caregivers at Greenwood Baptist Children’s Learning Center were engaging in these types of prohibited punishments and discipline methods.

In fact, none of the caregivers who witnessed this abuse spoke out against it until one caregiver witnessed her own child being restrained with a seat belt as a form of punishment.

To read the whole filed complaint against the daycare, click here.

How The Button Law Firm is Helping This Midland, TX Family Move Forward After Daycare Abuse

This child suffered unimaginable abuse by his caregivers. When asked about the incidents that occurred at this Permian Basin daycare, the family’s attorney Russell Button stated, “That’s exactly why The Button Law Firm is working to help him and his family – so that he has the right tools to get the help he needs to move forward. We are committed to holding the daycare accountable and, hopefully, in the process of this lawsuit, protect other children in the Midland community from suffering similar traumatic experiences.”

Our Midland, Texas daycare injury lawyers are showing that this daycare displayed a lack of care and safety for a young child that could’ve resulted in serious physical injuries or even death. Additionally, this innocent child has sustained unnecessary and preventable psychological and emotional abuse by his caregivers – the very people who were supposed to be caring for him.

How to Get Help from the Daycare Abuse and Neglect Attorneys at The Button Law Firm

Our team has helped many families whose children have suffered from daycare abuse and neglect move forward. To learn more about how we’ve helped families throughout Texas get justice, click here to read our success stories.

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