Posted on Sep 11, 2023

Patch article featuring Button Law Firm client MCKINNEY, TX – Online publication Patch has featured the story of BLF clients after a toddler was left alone in a dark classroom.

What Happened at This Collin County Daycare?

Parents of a three-year-old girl were horrified to discover that their toddler’s caregiver had forgotten her and left her alone in a dark classroom. The caregiver didn’t check to ensure all children had exited the room and simply turned off the lights. The child was left alone for a long period of time until another caregiver found the little girl alone and terrified in the room.

The article shares details from the lawsuit, including an allegation that staff at the Primrose School of Eldorado forged the parents’ signature on the incident report that was written up by the daycare. The parents, Fernando and Cristina Cossich, were unaware of the incident until they were questioned by a state investigator.

The article shares a quote from the family’s attorney, Russell Button, founder of The Button Law Firm. “Primrose School of Eldorado was extremely irresponsible for ignoring safety standards created to prevent incidents like this," says Button, "There was no need for my clients' 3-year-old daughter to endure this trauma. The school made a promise to parents like my clients that it would closely supervise children, yet they forgot about her. We hope this lawsuit prompts Primrose School of Eldorado to finally prioritize child safety after ignoring multiple citations."

In the report from Patch, the lawsuit filed by the Dallas-based law firm also claims that the daycare was cited sixteen times by the state of Texas over a period of five years for several violations, including “not adhering to supervision requirements and employing unqualified staff with incomplete background checks.”

To read the entire article, click here.

How The Button Law Firm is Working to Help This North Texas Family

The Button Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Primrose of Eldorado to get justice for this young girl and her family. This neglect caused the toddler to suffer from psychological trauma, and the psychological effects of this incident can be lasting. Click here to learn more about the psychological impact of daycare neglect and abuse.

It’s important that this young girl gets the tools she needs to move forward past this traumatic incident. Holding this daycare accountable can also help prevent these incidents from happening to other children in the future.

Our team has helped many families get justice and move forward after their child was abused or neglected at daycare. With this lawsuit, The Button Law Firm is working to help this family, too.

Contacting a Daycare Neglect and Abuse Attorney After Your Child Was Abandoned

If your child went through a similar event involving negligence at a Texas daycare, it’s important that you get help immediately. Daycare abandonment is a serious issue and is 100% preventable. Daycares must follow guidelines and safety practices to keep the young children in their care safe.

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