Posted on May 07, 2024

StreetInsider Features The Button Law Firm's Daycare Negligence CaseBIRMINGHAM, Michigan – In a recent feature by StreetInsider, a troubling case of negligence and deception at a Carrollton, Texas daycare center comes to light. The article exposes the distressing ordeal of a child and the lawsuit that follows, with The Button Law Firm leading the charge for justice.

StreetInsider's coverage dives into the heart of the incident, revealing shocking revelations surrounding the injury that impacted a two-year-old and their family.

Texas Daycare Negligence Leads to Facial Bruises and Punctured Lip

At the core of the incident lies a video captured by concerned parents, which uncovers discrepancies between the daycare's account of events and the actual circumstances surrounding the child's injury.

The incident itself is as distressing as it is revealing. The child, under the supposed care of the daycare center, suffered a significant injury that raised alarm bells among their family. Initially, the daycare staff attributed the injury to a simple fall during playtime. However, the video evidence provided a starkly different reality, showcasing a caregiver dropping the child on a nap cot and then pulling the cot, causing him to fall, hit his head, and bite through his lip.

Continued Discrepancies at LMNOP Children’s Academy After the Daycare Injury

StreetInsider also describes that LMNOP Children's Academy did not contact the child’s mother when the incident occurred and waited several hours to file a state-mandated incident report that should have been completed shortly after the incident.

In addition, the daycare center then provided incorrect information and had another caregiver, who was nowhere in the vicinity of the child, falsely confirm the caregiver's story about how Marin's son was injured. According to the article, the complaint continues that the boy did not receive medical attention until Marin rushed him to an urgent care facility.

Prior Infractions of State Minimums at the North Dallas Daycare Center

Adding to the gravity of the situation, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission revealed the daycare center's previous infractions. The article shared that records showed a pattern of neglect and non-compliance with safety standards, indicating systemic issues that put children at risk.

The Button Law Firm Stands Up Against Daycare Negligence and Abuse

As The Button Law Firm continues to navigate the legal process for the family, our commitment to justice remains unwavering. Our team of daycare injury attorneys is determined in our effort to obtain justice for the child's pain and distress and hold the negligent daycare accountable.

"Video footage does not lie and, in this case, revealed the truth about our client's son's injury at LMNOP Children's Academy," says daycare injury attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, who represents Marin and her son. "Attempting to cover up a child's injury can put a child's health at risk if parents are not notified and the child does not receive necessary medical care."

Through our advocacy, we aim to protect the rights of children and prevent the recurrence of incidents like these at daycare centers.

Contact The Button Law Firm If Your Child Suffers from Daycare Abuse or Neglect

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