Posted on Nov 17, 2023

Killeen Daily Herald article about Button Law Firm ClientsKILLEEN, TEXAS – The Killeen Daily Herald has featured the story of a family, who is being represented by The Button Law Firm, and their lawsuit against Just for Tots Daycare. The article unveils a lawsuit initiated by parents against a Killeen daycare after their infant daughter was seriously injured by a negligent caregiver. The Button Law Firm’s team is working to hold this daycare accountable for causing harm to an innocent child.

What Happened at This Killeen Daycare?

According to the article from the Killeen Daily Herald, the child’s parents, Raul and Maria Magaña were called by the daycare on June 13th to pick up their 10-month-old daughter because she was being fussy. Despite the daycare initially attributing their daughter's distress to constipation, the Magañas grew concerned when they noticed their daughter was not moving her left arm. A visit to an orthopedist revealed a torus fracture of the upper end of the left radius, commonly known as a buckle fracture, prompting the placement of a cast.

Upon requesting an explanation from the daycare, the Magañas were met with various false excuses, including claims that another child had fallen on their daughter or that she had injured herself independently. After persistent inquiries, the daycare eventually showed a condensed video clip revealing a caregiver forcefully and abruptly pulling the baby's left arm as she played on the floor with other children.

The video footage showcased not only the caregiver's aggressive actions but also the distressing aftermath, with the baby's left arm giving out beneath her several times as she attempted to crawl. Despite the visible signs of pain, the caregiver neglected to provide proper care. The incident, which occurred early in the day, was not communicated to the Magañas until late afternoon.

According to the article, when The Killeen Daily Herald reached out to Just for Tots #4, located at 3903 W. Stan Schlueter Loop Suite 202. However, personnel declined to comment.

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Additional Information About the Case

The Magañas' complaint highlights a disturbing pattern of behavior at Just for Tots #4, with 31 documented complaints against the daycare from November 2018 to September of 2023. These complaints range from failure to follow minimum childcare standards to specific incidents of substandard care for children. The daycare has been cited for various infractions, including failure to report injuries requiring medical treatment, inappropriate discipline methods, and lapses in background checks for caregiver employees.

The Button Law Firm’s Commitment to Justice for Families

The Button Law Firm is representing the Magañas in their pursuit of justice against Just for Tots #4. As we navigate this challenging case, our focus remains on holding the daycare accountable for its egregious behavior and actions towards the Magañas and their innocent infant daughter.

We understand the gravity of the situation and the profound impact that injuries in a daycare setting can have on families. The emotional distress and physical harm inflicted on children require swift and decisive action. At The Button Law Firm, our commitment to fighting for our clients' rights is unwavering. We stand as staunch advocates for families affected by daycare negligence, ensuring that justice is not just a theoretical concept but a tangible outcome that brings solace and closure.

Why Choose The Button Law Firm?

Our firm is not just about legal knowledge; it's about personalized, client-focused representation. With a proven track record of helping children and families with daycare cases, The Button Law Firm brings a wealth of experience and a strategic approach to address the unique challenges faced by each family. We understand that the circumstances of every case are different, and we tailor our legal strategies to ensure the best possible outcome for those we represent.

This feature in The Killeen Daily Herald underscores The Button Law Firm's commitment to advocating for families affected by negligence in daycare settings. We stand with the parents involved in this lawsuit, tirelessly pursuing justice on their behalf.

If you or someone you know has faced similar challenges, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced legal team. Together, we can work towards creating safer environments for our children and ensuring accountability for those who don’t deliver on their duty to protect them. The Button Law Firm remains steadfast in its mission to be the voice of the voiceless, working diligently to turn the tide towards justice, one case at a time.

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