Posted on May 23, 2024

Boy with feverVICTORIA, Texas - The Victoria Advocate has shared details about a lawsuit against Children's Courtyard daycare center in New Braunfels. The Button Law Firm is representing Karina Lebato and her 3-year-old son, aiming to hold the daycare accountable for negligence that endangered the child's life. This case, prominently featured in The Victoria Advocate, underscores the urgent need for accountability and reform within the daycare industry.

Details About the New Braunfels Daycare Injury

Highlighted in The Victoria Advocate, Lebato's lawsuit against Children's Courtyard unveils a distressing narrative of neglect. The complaint reveals that in April 2022, Lebato's son suffered a febrile seizure due to the daycare's failure to recognize and address his illness promptly. Despite displaying clear signs of illness, daycare employees neglected to inform Lebato or provide adequate care for her son, violating state childcare laws. Shockingly, a caregiver opted to assess the child's temperature using their arm instead of utilizing a thermometer, leading to the severe fever going undetected until it triggered a life-threatening seizure.

This alarming incident, coupled with previous episodes of negligence, paints a troubling picture of Children's Courtyard's disregard for safety standards. In June 2020, Lebato's son was discovered alone and distressed on the playground, neglected by daycare staff. The daycare's failure to uphold supervision standards was further underscored when it failed to notice the child's absence from his classroom, despite prior citations from the Texas Health and Human Services Child-Care Licensing division for non-compliance.

Daycare Injury Attorneys Highlight Need for Heightened Daycare Safety Practices

The Victoria Advocate shares that Attorney Russell Button, representing Lebato and her son, emphasizes The Button Law Firm's unwavering commitment to child safety and accountability. He condemns Children's Courtyard's repeated violations of daycare laws, stressing that such neglect was entirely preventable. The Button Law Firm stands resolute in its pursuit of justice for Lebato's family and all children who have suffered due to daycare negligence.

A History of Daycare Violations

Children's Courtyard's history of violations, including 21 citations for various infractions from 2020 to 2023, underscores the pressing need for accountability and reform within the daycare industry. The tragic death of a 2-year-old at another New Braunfels Children’s Courtyard facility in 2020 serves as a stark reminder of the dire consequences of inadequate supervision and care.

How Legal Action Holds Negligent Daycares Accountable for Negligence

Karina Lebato's lawsuit against Children's Courtyard serves as a pivotal step toward ensuring the safety and well-being of children in daycare settings. By holding negligent facilities accountable, families like Lebato's seek to prevent future harm and foster safer environments for all children.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families Move Forward After Daycare Incidents

The Button Law Firm, experienced in advocating for children and families in personal injury cases, stands at the forefront of this fight for justice. With a focus on daycare and child-related injuries, our firm is committed to securing meaningful litigation outcomes that promote community safety. With offices in Dallas, Houston, and Midland, The Button Law Firm is dedicated to assisting families across Texas in navigating the legal system and moving forward after traumatic events.

Contact The Button Law Firm if Your Child Suffered a Daycare Injury at a Texas Daycare

Our team at The Button Law Firm stands by families, advocating fiercely for their rights and seeking justice. In our unwavering commitment to holding negligent parties accountable, we strive to make communities safer for children across Texas and beyond. To learn more about how we have helped families move forward from daycare negligence and abuse, click here.

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