Posted on Mar 04, 2024

Union-Bulletin Feature of Button Law Firm ClientTEXAS — A Walla Walla publication, The Union-Bulletin, has featured the story of a Button Law Firm client who is suing an Allen daycare for negligence after her 2-year-old son wandered from the center and was found near a busy, six-lane road.

Union-Bulletin Spotlights Safari Kid Allen Daycare Negligence

According to the article, the incident, which occurred in March 2023, involved the toddler wandering out of Safari Kid daycare and heading toward McDermott Drive, which is a busy road filled with businesses like banks, drugstores, and gas stations and has a speed limit of 45 mph.

An employee from a neighboring establishment, a Kwik Kar Auto Shop, intercepted the toddler, preventing a potential tragedy. The employee noticed the child wandering alone in the Kwik Kar parking lot.

That’s when he took the child to a nearby daycare – the staff at that daycare didn’t know who the toddler was. That’s when the employee called the police. Police worked to identify the child by calling childcare centers in the surrounding area. When they talked to Safari Kid Allen, the director claimed that they weren’t missing any kids – it wasn’t until after the officer requested the director to do a headcount that they realized the child was missing.

The director and daycare staff weren’t able to explain how the child went missing. Subsequent investigations revealed lapses in Safari Kid's security measures, including an inadequately secured gate in the outdoor playground.

How The Button Law Firm is Working to Get Justice for This Collin County Family

The article from the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin shared that the mother of the child involved in the incident has initiated legal proceedings against Safari Kid in Collin County, Texas, with representation by our team at The Button Law Firm. Seeking accountability and recovery, this lawsuit against the daycare aims to shed light on the severity of the situation and the need for stringent safety measures in childcare environments. The pursuit of justice underscores the profound impact of negligence on families and the importance of holding responsible parties accountable.

A History of Violating Minimum Standards and Safety Requirements

Safari Kid's track record of regulatory violations raises significant concerns about its commitment to child safety. Previous citations by Texas authorities include medication errors, lapses in supervision, and failure to conduct thorough background checks. These infractions highlight systemic issues within the daycare's operations and underscore the urgent need for enhanced supervision and accountability in childcare facilities.

The Importance of Safety Regulations at Texas Daycare Facilities

The incident at Safari Kid daycare serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of prioritizing child safety in childcare facilities. The Button Law Firm stands in solidarity with this Texas mom and other families affected by negligence, offering support and legal guidance in their pursuit of justice. Through advocacy and accountability, we can work towards creating safer environments for children and preventing similar incidents in the future.

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