Posted on Feb 14, 2024

WFAA feature of Button Law Firm client in daycare wandering caseALLEN, TX – Local Dallas News Station WFAA has featured the story of a heart-wrenching incident, where our client, a 2-year-old boy, narrowly escaped tragedy due to negligence at Safari Kid Allen daycare in March 2023. The child's mother, Miriah Mattos, who is being represented by The Button Law Firm, has taken legal action against the daycare, hoping to hold them accountable for what could have been a catastrophic outcome. The Button Law Firm stands by the family, determined to seek justice and ensure such incidents do not continue to occur.

What Happened at This Allen, TX Daycare?

The lawsuit filed by this North Texas mother paints a distressing picture of her son's incident. The WFAA article shares how, despite being entrusted to the care of Safari Kid Allen, the toddler was able to wander out of the facility unnoticed. The child's rescue from near a busy road was made possible thanks to the timely intervention of a vigilant good Samaritan—an employee at the nearby Kwik Kar auto shop—who acted swiftly to ensure the child's safety. The sheer negligence displayed by the daycare staff, who remained oblivious to the child's absence until prompted by law enforcement to conduct a headcount, is deeply concerning.

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Russell Button discussing case with WFAA.To see Attorney Russell Button's interview with WFAA, click here.

Next Steps for This Dallas-area Family

The Button Law Firm, representing Miriah Mattos and her son, is firm in seeking accountability from Safari Kid Allen. The lawsuit sheds light on the daycare's alarming history of safety violations, as documented by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. These repeated infractions highlight a systemic failure to uphold the basic duty of care owed to the children under their supervision. The family seeks rightful recovery for the physical and psychological trauma inflicted upon their child.

How This Family is Getting Support from The Button Law Firm

As this North Texas mom grapples with the aftermath of this harrowing incident, The Button Law Firm stands as a pillar of support. Attorney Russell Button emphasizes the profound impact such negligence has had on the family, emphasizing the amount of danger the toddler was put in due to the lack of care from daycare staff. The betrayal felt by parents when daycare facilities fail to fulfill their obligation to safeguard children is palpable. The Button Law Firm’s unwavering commitment to advocating for the family's rights reflects its dedication to ensuring accountability and preventing similar tragedies in the future.

How The Button Law Firm is Helping This Family Move Forward After a Wandering Incident

The Button Law Firm's involvement in this case represents our mission to champion the rights of those harmed by daycare negligence. Through meticulous legal advocacy, our team seeks to empower families like this one, providing them with the means to navigate the complexities of seeking justice after a daycare incident. As the legal proceedings unfold in this daycare wandering case, our firm remains steadfast in its pursuit of accountability, ensuring that the voices of those affected are heard and heeded. This lawsuit highlights the importance of vigilance and accountability in safeguarding the well-being of our children.

What to Do If Your Child Was Put in Serious Danger at a Texas Daycare

If your child has been put in serious danger at a daycare facility, it's crucial to take immediate action to protect their safety and well-being. Contact The Button Law Firm today to discuss your legal options and receive the support you need during this challenging time. Our experienced team is dedicated to advocating for families like yours who have been affected by daycare negligence.

We understand the complexities of daycare negligence cases and are committed to holding responsible parties accountable for their actions. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a confidential consultation to learn how we can help you seek justice and recovery for the harm your child has endured. You can contact us 24/7 by calling (214)699-4409 or through our website to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards securing a brighter future for your family.

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