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Boy Crying at DaycareCOLUMBUS, Georgia - The Button Law Firm, a leading advocate for child safety and welfare, has garnered significant media attention as WRBL News 3 in Columbus, Georgia, prominently featured the firm's recent lawsuit against Tadpole Children's Academy. This high-profile case highlights a disturbing incident where the Gardea family's 5-year-old son was left unattended in a daycare van, bringing to light serious violations of Texas childcare laws by the daycare center.

Details About the Lawsuit

According to the article, in September 2023, the Gardea family's worst fears were realized when their young son was abandoned in a van belonging to Tadpole Children's Academy. Represented by The Button Law Firm, the parents, Erick and Alexis Gardea, have filed a lawsuit against the daycare center, claiming gross negligence and endangerment of their child. WRBL News 3's coverage has brought national attention to the case, emphasizing the critical need for stringent compliance with childcare laws.

What BLF is Doing to Help this Texas Family

The article shares further details, saying that Russell Button, a distinguished daycare injury lawyer from The Button Law Firm, is leading the case. Button commented on the case, stating, "What happened to our clients' son at Tadpole Children's Academy was a clear case of daycare negligence and, sadly, was not an isolated incident. We are committed to reinforcing the importance of child safety and ensuring no other child has a traumatic experience at this facility."

Details About the Incident

According to the lawsuit, the incident occurred while the daycare van was transporting children from school to the daycare center. The van driver and the daycare staff failed to account for all the children, resulting in the Gardeas' son being left behind. The young boy, who had fallen asleep in his seat, was left alone in the locked van in a parking garage across the street from the facility. Scared and disoriented, he eventually managed to exit the van and was found by a good Samaritan who took him to the daycare center.

WRBL News 3 highlighted the critical failures of Tadpole Children's Academy, not just in leaving the child unattended but also in their subsequent handling of the situation. According to the complaint, the daycare's director did not immediately inform the Gardeas of the incident. The child’s mother only learned about what happened when she arrived to pick up her son at the end of the day.

A Concerning History of Daycare Negligence

The article shares that The Button Law Firm’s lawsuit has revealed a troubling pattern at Tadpole Children's Academy. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission Child-Care Licensing Division and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services have substantiated neglect claims against the daycare center following the incident. Furthermore, the daycare had been cited for a similar incident involving another child nearly two years earlier and had accrued 12 additional citations for failing to comply with Texas daycare laws between July 2019 and June 2023.

"The fact that our son was left without anyone at Tadpole Children's Academy noticing and then was able to get out of the daycare van on his own and be found by a stranger is terrifying," says Alexis Gardea. "Tadpole Children's Academy failed us and our child. He could have been kidnapped."

Making Parents Aware of Daycare Negligence

WRBL News 3’s coverage highlights the importance of the lawsuit, brought forth by our team, in advocating for stricter enforcement of childcare laws and holding negligent daycare centers accountable. The case is now pending in Wichita County, Texas.

The Button Law Firm, with offices in Dallas, Houston, and Midland, has established itself as a staunch defender of children's rights and safety. Our firm's experience spans cases of daycare and child-related injuries, including abuse, neglect, and catastrophic injuries. Our goal is to protect families and ensure safer communities through legal action.

WRBL News 3’s feature on this case highlights the critical role our team plays in fighting for justice for vulnerable children. The attention drawn by this coverage is expected to drive significant awareness and potentially lead to increased regulatory scrutiny and reforms in daycare practices to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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